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  1. Bump. Price dropped to $350 shipped
  2. I’m selling my Rotofab Intake for 2019 and up Silverado/Sierra 1500 with the 6.2. The intake was installed when my truck had 1k miles and I just traded the truck in with 4600 miles on it. The intake is awesome and definitely gave some extra pep with no tune or check engine light. I’m asking $400 shipped to anywhere in the USA. Thanks for looking!
  3. I appreciate the compliment brother. Post of pic of that beast when you take delivery!
  4. Not sure if this belongs here but these are just the factory 22’s that come with the Denali ultimate package. I had them chromed for a OEM plus look.
  5. I’d definitely be interested in buying a harness from you if you do decide to make them. Let me know!
  6. It’s got a Gmc tonneau cover, black gmc badges, led reverse and license plate lights, in-channel rain guards, and mud flaps so far. I plan on doing a intake, dual exhaust, and possibly wheels. What are your plans for your ultimate?
  7. So others are verifying that this works? I’d love to use wireless charging on my 17 with my new iPhone X but want to be sure it works before trying it on mine.
  8. What removal trick are you talking about? I’d really like to be able to wirelessly charge my iPhoneX in my 2017 Denali. Any tips or tricks are appreciated.
  9. It doesn't. I've only put 200 miles on it thus far though, so only time will tell.
  10. Well I decided to take the plunge last night. It's perfect as far as vibrations go up to 70mph (that's as fast as I've had it) and it's huge improvement over my 2014 in terms of fit, finish, and general quality. In my opinion this truck is just as nice as my Yukon Denali. Thanks for all the answers guys! I took a quick video walk around of it for those of you that care. Justin
  11. Thanks for all the responses guys. My 2016 Yukon Denali has a weird sound after it's sat for a while that sounds like the rear windows are down. It's a buffeting of sorts but it's flawless other than that. My 2014 left a sour taste in my mouth but in my opinion these are the nicest trucks on the market, so I guess I'll give it another shot.
  12. Ahh ok that's not what I wanted to hear. Thanks for answering my questions!
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