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  1. I am still waiting on the new powertrain options, assuming they are actually coming. I like the GMC but i am still holding out to see if i can get the options i want in SLE trim. I need 6 seats and all of the extra goodies arent needed or wanted on my end. The new tailgate is also pretty useless for my needs. I have a 1 1/2 years of powertrain warranty left so i have some time before i make a move.
  2. What I am waiting on is what trims and engines will be available with 6 seats. That will determine what my next vehicle will be. I looked at the 18 Fords recently available with 6 seats, they felt cheap in comparison to my 15 SLE 2500. Leather bench, not stripped down truck with the 6.2L and I am sold. Time will tell.
  3. Correct, no belts on the 700. It has a torque converter like a vehicle. You could chain the tires down, put a brick on the accelerator and walk away from it; no worries. The 1000 uses a dual clutch and they have had some issues.
  4. The 700 has been bullet proof so far. I don't mud ride so I can't really comment there. I can say though that if you want to run bigger tires and play you may find it lacking power. It is a 3 speed with no low range. It has done me very well and I don't consider it lacking in the power for my tasks. It pulls good and not 1 issue to date. I don't see any problem getting 15-20 years out of it.
  5. Get in touch Black Bear. Justin told me at one time they had connections with ATP "Idaho Rob" if you are not deleting. If you are going to delete down the road Kory or Motor Ops would be the ones to talk to.
  6. Install you one of these access doors next time you have the liner out. Makes the filter change a bit more accessible. http://www.madjackdiesel.com/category-s/557.htm
  7. Yea, I don't think this just affects some. They are all tuned the same from the factory, the average consumer would never know the difference.
  8. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/158431-53l-kr-during-data-logging/ some more reading on this subject.
  9. Gas Prices

    I agree with both of you guys stances on this. It is much bigger than the oil companies and individual workers that get affected and think we need to get back to a happy medium. Some guys on here from Louisiana can confirm what I am talking about. Louisiana lost over 500 million on tax revenue last year and are running a projected deficit of over 700 this year, mainly due to the deacrease in tax income from the oil companies. To correct this the just passed sales tax increases, tobacco and alcohol taxes, cell phone taxes and are discussing cutting special programs across the state dealing with education and child care as well as increasing state income taxes. We are either going to feel it at the pump or somewhere else but everyone is going to feel it.
  10. Gas Prices

    ^^This..I am with mudkatt... It depends on what side of the spectrum you are on. The Shale companies need around that $75 per bbl to make money (for the most part, some wells have better economics). I have heard through the grapevine that some companies out in deep water Gulf of Mexico make money at anything over $9 bbl but most need between $20 and $30. The oil companies can make money at $30 oil, they just have to readjust to the market. They Shale players can’t make money at $30 and they are all more than likely doomed if this holds out too much longer. Unfortunately the one factor they can all easily control is payroll, the rest is all up to suppliers and service companies There is no need for Gas Prices @ $4 a gal (You can thank Saudi for that, they are the great regulator and that is why OPEC was created) but to answer your question; If my kids were hungry and I couldn't find anything else to support them, I would wish for whatever it took. Do I want that, not at all and I would exhaust all options before that but baby's got to eat. That is kind of a loaded question though as it is a no win for me, earning my lively hood in that business. To put it in perspective lets ask the GM Labor Union workers if they would be willing to see half of the force laid off and the rest take 30-40% pay cuts across the board to get the price of my Sierra down 20K$ to where it needs to be. I guarantee they will tell me to kick rocks, ha! When I started offshore in 2000 I had buddies at the GM plant in Shreveport getting paid $25 hr to put 4 of the correct tires with the truck when it came by on the line while I was making $5.75 offshore. Don’t get me wrong, I would have been one of them if I could have got in but you had to know the right people. I think muddkatt is dead on with the OPEC (mainly Saudi) intentions. Once they get the US Shale market shut down they very well could back off on production to get the price up so they can keep their reserves in the ground. What they are doing right now is hurting them but they are willing to take the gamble to keep the market share, they make money at 3$ bbl. If they were to slack off and we start drawing from the reserves faster than we are putting it in look out, we may all be wishing for 4$ gas. It would be a long time before oil prices got back down to a sensible price if this happens. All these rigs that are stacked aren't going to come back full force. A lot of them are being striped and the personnel that have been laid off are finding different jobs. A lot of them won’t take the chance at the oilfield again after being burnt. I am not a selfish person and understand high gas prices are rough, I lived with them too. But I also don’t want hundreds of thousands of people losing their jobs, houses, vehicles, wives and kids (Oh yea its happening) etc.. so I can save 250$ a month. Sorry for the book, LOL.
  11. Gas Prices

    Regular Gas 1.53 gal in Benton and diesel is 1.86
  12. Gas Prices

    I kept hearing I was getting the shaft but stuck with them. They went belly up and the next company I went to work for started me at 8.50. I was in heaven after that. Sorry to hear about your brother. Hopefully something will pop up. My brother has been unemployed 3 times since the end of 14 but luckily keeps finding something just in time. My little sister's husband has been on 13 different rigs. Hopefully everything starts picking back up before too long...
  13. Gas Prices

    I am not saying they are all low paying jobs but the ones in the field typically are. All of the jobs listed in that article are specialty type jobs and there are few of those with each company. Our company has 1 Landman for example. The guy tailing the pipe in the picture makes ~22$ hr probably. I am on the production side of the industry and the drilling guys typically do get paid a bit more. For a rig roustabout they are ~20$ hr where a roustabout in production starts out in the low teens. I have a crew of 30 and the average pay is ~24$ hr. The money comes in when you get to start calling the shots. If you are the drilling engineer the and the company is spending 50 million on one well you get paid well or if you are the manager of a facility making the company 1/2 million dollars a day you also get paid well. Just the nature of the beast i suppose.
  14. I am not here for a debate but think about it like this. Is 50lbs heavier at 2" off the ground or 6'? The torsion bars work the same way and all the keys do is change the starting point. After the front bumper is off the ground the amount of weight the bars are supporting doesn't change regardless of height.
  15. Gas Prices

    Sorry but just have to say, there is obviously a huge misconception about oilfield workers...All the talk about not feeling the 5$ gas while the middle class was struggling, saving money, not taking vacations etc.... What do y'all think we are, ha! I can guarantee you would be amazed at what the average oil field employee makes. They live paycheck to paycheck just like 90% of the WORKERS in this country. The guys at the top make good money so don't get me wrong but it is no different than a boss anywhere else; the other guys start at the bottom. I was making $5.75 hr in 2000 working 84 hrs a week with a wife, raising a kid and gone away from home for half the year; hell I wasn't even middle class, ha!

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