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  1. Decided to dive in and took a little over an hour on the first one (note to self: keep the screws in order), and 25 min on the second one.
  2. I have been using that one on my last three trailers. Mine looks exactly the same.
  3. It is okay to laugh if I am overthinking this, but I am going to switch out to tow mirrors that are manual. Does anything need to be done with the wiring after I unplug the connectors other than make them watertight? I know if I was going the other direction there may be a PCM re-learn.
  4. Is accessorizing your truck something that you are currently interested and/or investing in? IF YES: What is your to top priority when choosing accessories for your truck? (Quality/Price/Look/Reviews) Quality and overall useability. Would you purchase something because it's priced cheaper, regardless of negative reviews, or options of higher-end, better quality products? No. Higher-end and better quality which goes back to useability. Would you purchase an accessory purely based on how it looks? Even if that means the product does not work well or may not work at all? No, that would not be worth my time and money.
  5. Totally agree with your statements. I still have one of the orginal 18v black batteries that just won't die. I have six of the 4ah becuase the wife bought herself the weedwhacker and blower. She is all excited because her new to her 4runner has 120v plug receps so she can charge batts do yardwork at our off the grid cabin.
  6. Tell me about it! Mine resides outside because the guy that had this house built in the 50's had custom cabinets built in the front of the garage.
  7. The age of 70 is coming to slap me in August. I will say that I have nicer vehicles now that the girls are grown and gone. But, mama's '96 Tahoe had been on life support the last couple of years so she just sold it and bought a 2016 4runner. She doesn't want to put miles on our (my) towing truck. But it is getting kind of long in the tooth at 95k. She did buy me a new bug deflector yesterday though. Back to truck payments again for a couple of years on her Toyo though.
  8. One of many from our trip to Canada last September.
  9. To those of you who tow a TT- Do you use a bug/hood deflector? I have always used them towing to keep the wind from buffeting the front awning. The one on my truck gave it's life today to save the front of my hood from a rock. I know there are pros/cons about them so wondering whether to replace it or not.
  10. Spent a couple of hours de-funking the bottoms of both front fender wells. Just something I do every spring to rid it of the previous year's sand, mud, leaves from hunting and fishing. I use air and a vacuum at the same time. Tricky to do, but it works. Today I finally came up with this to make it a little easier to reach in there.
  11. It took me 20 minutes and most of that was me staring at the ABS fuse thinking I would blow the bags for whatever reason. Other than that, was a piece of cake. Unplug it, one bolt to remove.
  12. Took brother over to our taxi on Saturday to pick up his euro moose skull. Wll say that it was lighter *hanging* his moose this time. Dammit it rotated!
  13. You wouldn't believe some of the towing questions asked on an RV forum I belong to...
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