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  1. I ended up buying an alldata diy subscription... basically you just pry the cover off. It's held in place by those gm body clips. I haven't tried it yet, waiting on the new latch ordered form gmparts direct.
  2. Anyone here on the forum that could help me with disassembly and replacement of the center console latch on a 2014 Sierra 1500 Denali with front bucket seats would be greatly appreciated. The latch has separated somehow. I am able to play with it and get it to work but it returns after a few hours/days of driving. I have limited visibility into the console latch area so I can't really define what is exactly wrong so I was hoping someone could walk me through taking the console top apart. Searched online but all of the videos I have been able to find either are for the 2013 and below or are
  3. http://www.proclipusa.com/dashboard-mounts/vehicle/gmc/sierra-1500-series/2014-2015/proclip-console-mount-834962-19563.cmsv Try the proclip... you'll have to add a few pieces but I used this for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it works really nice. No drilling, just clips on.
  4. I was pulling a trailer today (moving to Dallas/Fort Worth) and as I was slowing down the truck abruptly downshifted and rev'ed... freaked me out! The second time it did it I noticed the Grade braking or whatever message... it revs pretty high as it downshifts! I was going to call BB and ask if they mod'd the trailering shift... glad I saw this thread.
  5. Hey guys... ask your tech how many of this recall the dealership has completed. The reason I say this is that the technician that did mine revealed that he missed one of the final steps and it caused this problem. If they don't follow the tech bulletin verbatim it can cause this problem... good luck!
  6. I have the GM Borla... I think it is very nice. It has a nice announcement when you get on it and it is not too loud for normal driving. I think you'll be quite pleased with the mod... couple it with a BB tune and get rid of the AFM and you'll really enjoy your truck!!!
  7. I'd fab some brackets... either mount them to the frame above or run it as a long piece side to side... not sure you could just wedge them and have them stay with vibration, wind and bugs.
  8. Exactly my thought as well... I have Yakima racks on my ARE Z series cap that are about an inch shorter than the antenna. Call it an early warning system! LOL
  9. I have this one as well but it hits the latches on my ARE Z series cap, it's like an 1/8th in to wide... I had to install the latches that let you pop it out at any angle. I was wondering if the one above with a bit more angle would clear the cap latches??? I'll get killed if I buy another one and it doesn't work...lol!
  10. Seems to be a common thing... happened to me a few weeks ago and then again yesterday. Both times I was parked in an area of my yard that I know doesn't get reception very well. I wonder if it has to do with "handshaking" with the sats at start up?
  11. Finally got around to loading my BB tune... one word... WOW! No more AFM, the shift points are smooth and no more searching, and the truck pulls thru 98mph to infinity and beyond! I've watched the mpg steadily improve over the last hundred miles from 13.4 to 13.8... If you have a 6.2L you have got to get yourself a tune!
  12. No drilling. The mount clips into the existing groves int he console and is help in place with 3m tape. I haven't taped it in place yet because I am making adjustments but it hasn't fallen off so the clip seems to work. It is not as stable as a fixed mount and some may not like that. I have a Galaxy Tab 4 so not a small tablet and it will rock a little when driving with bumps and stuff. I doesn't come as a single unit, you have to piece it together on the website. there are two swivels in the build I have so you get a lot of adjustment and tilt. The tablet mount can be rotated for portr
  13. I have got to do this... how does it hold up with washing and waxing?
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