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  1. Same exact thing happened to me! Caliber Collision uses all OEM parts and gives you a lifetime warranty on all their work. 2 weeks or two years later, they'll fix anything they worked on if you're not 100% satisfied. ...I still traded the truck in after they fixed it. It was just under a year old, and had 10,000 miles. I lost $2,700 on the trade in. this is 100% correct
  2. works perfectly fine on the texture. You can still see and feel the texture. You just need to apply a few thin coats (just like any paint). It's been hand and pressure washed and hasn't peeled off. A $7 can will take care of both your bowties.
  3. The front of the '14 Silverado is awesome! It's amazing how they can take a truck that looks so good and make it look soooo stupid!! This is one of the ugliest things I've ever seen!
  4. Hey! I resemble that statement!
  5. Google GM recall website. Then enter your vin, and then you'll know. Or ask the guy.
  6. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Yes, it is a Texas Edition Silverado. It came with the "Silverado" de-badged from the factory.
  7. Nope. There's only 1 GM paint code. For none-Silverado's, it's called "Subterranean", but the paint code is the same no matter what you call it.
  8. Foglights On With High Beams

    But we gave you our emails.
  9. Really? I didn't know this was the '14 forum!
  10. I had vinyl seats in my '04 Silverado. I drove it until I traded it in for my '14 Silverado. I climbed in and out of the drivers seat daily, and I would pick vinyl over leather or cloth any day!!! It doesn't crack or dry out like leather and it can be cleaned off easier than cloth. Vinyl is the way to go.
  11. That's why God made calculators!
  12. I could feel it on my'14 V8, but not at all on my '14 V6. I use cruise control religiously! Every time I hit 25 mph I hit the cruise and pretty much just accelerate with my thumb. I get way better mpg and mine stays in V4 mode more. I just got the truck because it looks sooo cool. If I could get a "range" or AFM device that would keep it in V4 mode, I would install it. I want the awesome looks of this truck, with the fuel economy of a Prius.
  13. '96 Blazer and '14 Silverado have different hardware and software. The best method is to do it yourself at the pump. Fill it up, reset the trip, drive to "E", fill up again and divide the miles by the gallons it takes to fill up. That's your MPG.
  14. Hi new member from Ca, 2014 Silverado

    Everybody wants to be cool like Texas!

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