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  1. Just wanted to share my experience with Anthem Off Road wheels from them messing up my order to the wheel finish coming off not even 2 years later. They market themselves as a rugged America offroad company that stands by their product. Which sold me. Plus I didn’t want to have the same wheels as everyone else. I purchased a set of wheels from them and went ahead and bought tires and TPSM to go with them. The tires I could of got cheaper locally, but then I would have to go to the shop and have them put on. So I opted to pay their higher price for tires so I could get the wheels with tires mounted and balanced, TPMS already installed. All I had to do was bolt them on my truck. Received the wheels. Bolted them on just to find that they didn’t install the TPSM. Had to wait a week for them to ship them to me. Then had to go to a tire shop to have them installed. The shop ended up scratching 3 of my brand new rims. I called and complained about the whole situation and they basically said “well we didn’t recommended that tire shop to you”. I guess they couldn’t realize none of this would of happened if they did their job in the first place and installed the TPSM in the first place. Fast forward 1.5 years and I started noticing the clearcoat coming off one of the wheels. After a month or so all 4 wheels had the clear coat peeling off. I posted a question about the finish coming off on their Facebook page. Another costumer chimed in and said their clear was peeling off also. Then our comments were deleted. I commented again. Again, my comment was deleted. I looked at at their website for the first time since I purchased wheels for them. I noticed they now offer a wheel protection kit that contains cleaners and ceramic coating. This wasn’t offered back when I bought my wheels. Which leads me to believe they have had more than just me complaining about their clear peeling off. Has as anyone else had experience with anthem off road? Regular real customers. Not their “brand ambassadors” which is a new marketing scheme they started where they create a whole group of Social media sales people by offering them their rims for a discounted price. In return those people promote the wheels online and try to push people to buy their sub par wheels. I’m talking real customers using their rims in real life, everyday applications. Thanks
  2. I have a RC 3.5” lift with UCAs. I got the lift last Black Friday for $400. It was easy to install. Did it by myself in my driveway using no neumatic tools. I think it is the perfect hight for me and makes my truck look great. I have a neighbor that is a mechanic. He took a look at my angles and said they seem fine. Having said that. I like to take my truck off road every now and then. The desert pinstriping down both sides are my witness. While the lift seems fine around town.......it seems rough/ lacking off road. I do however have 3 ply KO2s. So maybe that makes it rough...? Anyways. Not to highjack.....but Did anyone with this lift swap out stock shocks for a better off road ride? I emailed both king and fox and they claim they don’t have any coilovers that I can use to swap out the front spacers and keep ride hight at 3.5”. Im now looking at 4” lifts, but I also don’t want to cut my truck up to much.
  3. My brother sold his Chevy and got a ram 2500. Says he loves it. Says he will never buy Gm again. It's sad bc we grew up in a family that drove nothing but GM. I can't remember my parents driving anything but GM my whole life and they still do. At the age of 43 my brother was the first to buy a none GM truck haha. Now we are all sitting here looking at dodge like ....."hmmm.......maybe".
  4. I spent $2500 on wheels and tires from Anthem Off Road. The tire shop contacted them to see about a fix. Anthem told them any generic gloss black touch up paint will work. Apparently that's how they fix wheels that have been damaged during shipping. I like the rims. I just can't recommend them due to the way they do business. The local tire shop says the rims are not damaged structurally. It was just the finish. So they just want to follow what Anthem said and use generic touch up paint to fix them.
  5. When I first installed the wheels I assumed the TPSM I paid for were installed. I didn't get around to going to a tire place until a week or two after installing the wheels/tires to have them synced to my truck. That's when the tire shop told me there were no TPSM. Then I contacted the online store I purchased the rims/tires from. They had me email them a pic of the valve stems. They could tell from the pic the valvestems were not their TPSMs. That's when they informed me they [email protected] up and sent me TPSMs and told me they would reimburse me for the install. Their return policy says once rims are driven on they can't be returned. I guess if you buy online take them straight to a tire shop to check for TPSM if you require a tool.
  6. So this is kind of on topic off topic. I know there are a lot of wheel enthusiasts on this thread so I'm going to ask. I ordered rim/tire package online. Long story short...they sent the tires mounted and balanced but forgot to put the TPSM in the tires. I had already paid for them and they shipped them separately and told me to send them the install invoice. Still kind of defeats the purpose/incentive of buying a tire rim package online that's "bolt on ready". So, tire shop scratched 3 of my 4 brand new rims. The manager says he knows a guy that can airbrush it and fix them. Has anyone had rims fixed like this? Will the fix last? Thanks for any info. I apologize if this is in the wrong area. Just been on this thread a little recently.
  7. I finally figured out how to get pics on here. This is a 3.5" lift with 305/55r/20 on 20x10 rims. BFgoodrich KO2s. They rub slightly at full lock in reverse.
  8. Did that TPMS tool work for these trucks? In need of one myself.
  9. I have only had that jack for about a month now. Bought it to install my lift. It has a 3 year warranty. I didn't realize you had a 2500 though. I'm not sure the weight difference. I've never jacked up a 2500. Works great for a 1500.
  10. I was also in the aviation field. I worked on helicopters in the Marine Corp at MCAS Miramar. My last aviation job was at Bradley international Air port in CT. I worked avionics on Bombardier Global Express aircrafts. State of the art beautiful aircrafts. The 6000s and 7000s had all glass cockpits. I'd post pictures but every time o do on this forum it says the files are too big. Since I've moved back to San Diego and work a different field. I do kind of miss planes though.
  11. I got a night owl system. It kind of blows. It was a decent price. 1080p 1t DVR, but the night shot isn't that great. Hard to set up. Phone viewing app is hard to use. Plus I forgot the password and don't have the sales receipt which I guess you need when you call tech support to change password.
  12. http://m.harborfreight.com/3-ton-daytona-professional-steel-floor-jack-super-duty-63183.html Bought this jack. Before you go knocking it bc it's from harbor fright......take a look. They compare it to a couple other jacks (nap on and Matco both around $500) and this one is better. I bought it on sale for $180. Best jack I have ever used in my entire life. The thing is pretty heavy. Real heavy duty. My truck has a 3.5" lift and it lifts my truck no problem with room to spare. Plus it's low enough to lift my wife's car. Check it out .......don't check it out..........it's a great buy though.
  13. Kind of a different topic. Seemed like a decent spot for it. I didn't see anything about the Costco auto program. So here goes. I have used the Costco auto program to purchase 2 motorcycles. One A few years back and my current motorcycle I bought about 9 months ago. My first time I using the program it saved me $1300, got me a discounted extended warranty, and Costco gave me a $200 Costco gift card after I filled out a quick questionnaire about the experience online. The second time I used it was to buy my current motorcycle which saved me $2000 and got me a $200 Costco gift card. (I also got $1000 off from the dealer for being a veteran which was great). The program is easy to use. If you have a Costco card you go on their auto program web site. Enter your member #. Then select what you are in the market for. It asked for your zip code. Then it recomends a participating dealer in your area. I usually go there and work out a price first, then mention The Costco auto program. It's really that simple. Costco somehow has pre discounted prices at selective dealers. Kind of like truecar I guess. Even if you are not a Costco member but are in the market for something it would be worth it to get a Costco membership for a year for $50-$60 bucks. Like I said it has saved me more than $3700. I would make sure they offer the Costco program for the brand you are looking for first. They don't offer it for all makes. I know they offer gm discounts during the holidays usually. Not sure if it's all the time. I know they offer more on motorsports stuff like Polaris, victory, Kawasaki. Just wanted to pass the info. I tell people about it all the time when I hear they are in the market to make a purchase yet they seem to never look into the offer. All I know is it's easy to use and saved me money. So win win.
  14. I did the same thing. I have two led light pods I drilled into my trailer hitch. I bought a wire harness from rigid industries meant for this exact application. Believe it or not it was only $50. Came with everything you need already wired. It's like 25 ft long so you have plenty of wire to run it from the battery, in the cab, and down the frame to the lights in the rear. You tap into the wire bundle for the trailer lights. It comes with a 3 way toggle seitch also. The switch has off position/ on position so you can switch them on manually whenever you want/ and auto position which will have the reverse lights come on automatically when you put it in reverse. The wire harness had instructions on what trailer hitch wires to tap into. I believe you can find the diagram online if you search rigid aux back up light harness. The way I tapped into the trailer wires......if I leave the switch in auto, the lights come on when I unlock the truck with keyless entry. You know how when you first unlock your truck all the lights come on including reverse. Then after like 30 seconds just the normal lights are on.......or something like that. Wire harness $50: https://www.amazon.com/Rigid-Industries-Back-Light-Harness/dp/B00PACD2D0 You can use them with any lights. I didn't use rigid lights. I got two led pods from sneveys off road for a lot less with the same lumens. You just have to get creative a bit with how you splice. I ordered pre pinned connectors from amazon. I just spliced them on to the lights and the harness so I could easily unhook the lights in the future if I want to switch them. If anyone gets this kit I would suggest getting wire loom to protect the wires and keep them in a nice bundle. They have wire loom at harbor fright cheap. In the OPs case, you might be able to just switch out your switch with a 3 position one. You would have to find that diagram I mentioned to see if you need to run additional wires. ***** I found the diagram for the switch. I hope this helps. May give you an idea.
  15. I got mine from amazon the week I bought my truck. I use to do electrical work on private aircrafts. They usually had a touch screen in the galley that you could go into and access different maintinence screens as well as control TVS, DVD players, lighting, window shades and a bunch of other stuff. . Most of the touch screens had permanent wear on areas of the screen that were used a lot. For that reason I try to protect all of my touch screen.
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