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  1. For those having trouble copying and pasting the email address, I've made it a clickable link. Clicking on it should open up an email all ready to go. Click Here: [email protected]
  2. This is a totally separate App that displays and/or reads your incoming texts from the 8" display. Comes up automatically, with two very BIG buttons to hit "listen" & reply. Also built in replies, also large buttons, very easy to use safely while driving. Compared to the text read aloud built into AndroidAuto its much better. With the Android one you have to hit listen within a few seconds or the display disappears and no easy way to recall past messages. The GM App is very easy to use, recalls old messages, and is very safe to use while driving.
  3. You need to go to Apps, it should be there for downloading. I had to make sure my truck was logged into my house WiFi since I have no data plan...
  4. Yay!! Sent an email to the indicated address, got a follow up call a few days later to confirm my info, and voila! Text/Msgs App appeared for download. Installed an working. Why they took it out, and have this process to get it back is beyond me, but it worked!
  5. You are quite right! I never got up close enough to look at it, nor seen the light on yet! Thanks...
  6. I'll take a pic tomorrow, but you can tell for sure just turning on the camera app and see if there are two views or three views to choose from. You'll see above I have three views, backup, back up with trailer in view, or hitching view, which switches the camera to one that points straight down. But now that you mention it, maybe it is just one actual camera but it definately switches view to overhead instead of backwards. What I thought was a 2nd camera turns out to be a light. Duh..... Either way, you either have that 3rd camera VIEW or you don't. I don't have the "Max Trailering Package" I have the "ProGrade Trailering System" (PZ8) which includes the App and hitch view camera. Hope that helps.
  7. Unless you already have the dual cameras already installed on your tailgate, I don't think you'll get the third camera view for hitching, which is too bad. However, you'll love the other aspects of it I'm sure.
  8. The trailer app came with my SLT included in the towing package or Premium Plus package I guess. Aside from items already mentioned, mine includes a SECOND camera, which switches from rear view to OVER view looking straight down at my hitch. Combined with the remote control I have for my trailer's electric jack motor, its sweet hooking up by yourself. I also like the connections diagnostics, plus it now allows me to keep track of my trailers actual mileage, instead of me guessing. also reminds me to switch on "Trailer/Haul" mode which I used to forget all the time!
  9. I really miss the text reading App in my 2019. Can't think of any reason GM decided to remove it! I hope someone is listening! There is something similar when using Android Auto but its not nearly as robust and I can't scroll back through recent messages or pick custom replies etc.
  10. Just happened to me today. 3rd timer with new set up. Truck off then on again fixed it but no chance yet to further analyze....
  11. There is a setting in the App itself. Turn off "start App when Bluetooth connected" (or words to that effect.) You don't want that. The App will still load if you connect via USB.
  12. My fob range seems to be pretty good. However I use the APP all the time for remote start since it doesn't really matter where I am, I can start 'er up!
  13. The 3 means it as built in Mexico, not the box type
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