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  1. Your GM vehicle is already sending "anonymous" vehicle data to them using the OnStar system. Long after any OnStar account has expired, it is still sending data to them. Plus, as already mentioned, there is already a ton of location data collected and sold using all our phone's GPS data. How did you think Google maps is able to paint that red line showing where the slow traffic is?!?!
  2. Yes, you're looking for one of these. Should be in the glove box or console. I think you'll need it to add anything into your tank, not just from a gas can.
  3. You'll be fine. I think the only position you don't want while driving is having the whole thing down with the top half then opened down. (Especially with a hitch in place!) Ps. No dumb questions, but stick around and you'll get a dumb answer eventually!
  4. I'm in a 2019 with the trailer app, and have recently replaced all the lights on my trailer with LED's. No problems reported, and everything checks out ok and work ok.
  5. You have to have BOTH your original RKE's to program a new one, so if you are getting a new one, the user manual method is useless. I had to replace one of mine. (run over and crushed by a truck - long story) so I bought a new one from the dealer, and attempted to program it using several methods found online plus the owner's manual method and nothing worked. So in addition to $250 it cost for the RKE and key insert, I had to pay the dealer $150 to do the programming. (requires use of propriety plug in module to do it) So, as we've always suspected, do NOT lose one of yours, it is as expensive as people always say! No one from the parts desk or the Service Dept was able to look me in the eye during this!
  6. Isn't it right side for volume and left for scrolling? PS. Scrolling also changes songs if listening off usb stick. ? Also, I *think* scrolling works even if you don't have radio showing on the DIC.
  7. Hooked up the trailer to go to the dealer and voila TPMS is working again. Two days later on the road, numerous on/off cycles and still ok. Seems gremlins in software are gone!
  8. Can anyone confirm if this one works with the GM provided TPMS for trailers? The trailer valves are very different from the ones used on the truck wheels. TIA
  9. My 2019 Sierra SLT came with a set of TPMS valves for my trailer, and I finally got them installed. Local garage used their tool to "learn" the positions and everything worked fine. Having TP and wheel temp from the trailer was nice! Worked all the way home, but next time I turned on the truck and hooked up the trailer, the TPMS system was reset, and it needed to be configured again! I set it up using a manual method, and everything seemed set up correctly, however same problem. Turned the truck off and on again, and all the settings were erased. I won't be able to get to my dealer for a while to make them fix this, so I was wondering if anyone has run into this, and knows what I might be doing wrong, or what the fix is? Like everything else these days, its probably a software glitch... *sigh*
  10. Wonder if all the wiring for the factory controller is behind the dash and you could install the factory one? Too bad he couldn't get a truck with it. The trailer App is pretty nice to have!
  11. The ones in the glove box are for a trailer.
  12. I have the exact same problem. Dealership says all the USB ports "test fine". But you've got me thinking.... Will try formatting a thumb drive all the different ways and see if that works.
  13. Might be good advice to stick with the factory/dealer installed. I bought an after market soft tri fold and my auto tailgate open won't work. In fact its even hard to open by hand. I definitely wish I'd bought the factory cover from the dealer.
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