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  1. I keep all tires at 75-80 psi, two reasons. #1 more pressure mines easier to notice a leak. #2 more time to get somewhere to fix leak.
  2. Definitely look over 300k. Because it's proven itself. Remove and clean out radiator it's like a new truck. My experience had always been greater reliability with a vehicle that's been driven than one that has sat.
  3. WDH Setup Question

    I usually just place hitch on ball, hand tight bars. Then remove weight off jack.
  4. Tires, Tall and Skinny question?

    Set of 17" steel wheels and 235/80/17s for winter
  5. Chevors 2013 3500 Big Red DRW Flatbed

    Turned 60,000 miles last night. Got the news at the Big city GM dealer today, dually is getting a new rear end.
  6. Installed a fumoto valve, used it once to drain. Was like damn this drains way too slow. Back to drain plug.
  7. Chevors 2013 3500 Big Red DRW Flatbed

    Spotted this the other day, brought the truck to local GM, of course could not get honest answer from service writers, "that is nothing to be concerned about" 900 miles pulling with 600 miles to go, can smell the gear oil getting near rear end. Rear axle is hot to the touch. On the bright side look a llama. Actually seen 3 in the trailer.
  8. If you think a 1500 4x4 is bad for traction, this 2wd diesel is gonna be pretty much useless in any mud. Front heavy.
  9. Dumb headlights, look of 4 beams driving lights, at night makes everyone think the highs are on.
  10. Chevors 2013 3500 Big Red DRW Flatbed

    Hauling $42.50 in singles from auction. Also have about 90 gallons of fuel aboard.
  11. Various campers hundreds of thousands of miles, towing with 2010 diesel. Typical economy is 11mpg at 60 mph, 10 mpg at 65 mph. Winds can skew that number over +/- 3mpg.
  12. Grit guards??? Why?

    WTF is a grit guard? Are you talking about washing a vehicle? Why not just rinse whatever your using to whip, before sticking it back into a clean bucket of soapy water? Do you do this with food dishes too? Just throw the left over food into the dish water?

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