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  1. I buy oversized flaps from ryderfleetproducts.com. Cut them to fit.
  2. I been making it a point when needing to fill DEF. Turn the nossle downward before ever bringing it up to the truck. Those nossels all seem to have fluid in them when being taken from the pump.
  3. It's not to hard to add a little cooler to the PS on these LMMs. IDK why it was eleminated on that engine model. The years before had it and the models after do. I had to change out lines multiple times on the 2010, even the brake master cylinder do to leakes. Get the heat of that oil down the leaks stop.
  4. Someone posted on another forum the easiest spot to run outta cab is where the emergency brake cable enters, on the floor right below the accererator pedal. Then you'll have to fish it up from below the carpet to where the carpet ends behind the pedal.
  5. Figured the rear gold needed to be covered also.
  6. I wouldnt call them stickered OEM shocks ranchos. I think stock should be changed out at 60k. But it looks like yours should be changed now. I had almost 600k on the front rancho 9000 shocks when I sold my 2010. Rear shocks where changed a few times do to leaking. I wanna say got 200k to 250k outta those.
  7. Made them look more alike The pair.
  8. 646,000 on the SRW, figure it was time to pull radiator because changing fan clutch. The truck still doesn't get hot like the 2010 did. Never seen temps above 215. Also put on some rancho 9000 shocks. Set to 7.
  9. This is the vinyl I put on my 2013. Black is so everybody else.
  10. Pressure can vary do to outside temp, weather sun is shining on tires, how long you drive, pulling something.
  11. Im wanting for the front vision Camera to become an option. I do not understand why GM is making a larger blind spot right in front of the driver.
  12. I run an Edge Insight CTS on my diesels to read engine parameters. Those stock gauges are misleading. Nice thing about My edge is it will read 10 things at once. I think the new ones will read 12.
  13. I disagree. Toy haulers are tongue heavy and you saying the bouncing is worse without something in the garage verifies this. You should try putting more tension on the spring bars when there is nothing back there first. IMO the Blue Ox makes it worse do to how far the ball is postioned off the rear of the truck. The closer you can get the ball to the bumper the better the truck will handle the trailer.
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