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  1. A little Ranger tire paint and you're good to go! https://www.rangerpaint.com/
  2. Want LED DRL's in my 2015 Sierra

    I did the Diode switchback setup but you do need the OEM headlights with LED DRL's. Doesn't require a harness but you can use one if you want the LED's to behave like OEM. I didn't do the harness.
  3. Custom Borla Exhaust Install

    I have the Borla sport and currently run AFM. Frankly, I don't know what all the fuss is about relative to the V4 sound. I do hear a change in the sound coming from the exhaust but V4 mode rarely lasts for more than a few seconds and although there is a change in tone I really don't consider it annoying. My opinion is to forget the "flapper" altogether.
  4. Light Bar Mod

    I used the wireless wiring harness that the gent referred to in a posting above. I simply programmed the harness controller into the homelink module.
  5. Light Bar Mod

    For what it's worth, I have a W/T and simply swapped out the roof console and added a homelink module. I found a console with homelink on eBay. The new console was plug and play, no reprogramming or new wiring was needed. As a plus not only am I able to control my light bar but I also programmed my garage door with the remaining buttons. Not a very expensive modification.
  6. As stated in numerous postings concerning the M/M act, it refers only to direct replacement parts, i.e., AC Delco oil filter to Fram oil filter. If you replace your OEM filter with an equivallent aftermarket filter, the onus is on the manufacturer to prove that the aftermarket filter's failure caused the problem. The alteration of the manufacturer's design of an existing system is not addressed nor covered by the M/M act. In short, if you alter​ the manufacturer's design in any way, and the owner's manual clearly refers to this, you void the warranty for any systems that rely on that part to function. A catch can falls under the latter category. Regardless of all of the "scientific" data that proves the can is a benefit and does no harm to the system, it still alters the original design and therefore, it is perfectly appropriate for the manufacturer to void your warranty out of hand ​for the components affected by the alteration​ when one is discovered by the dealer. The act's intent wasn't to protect the consumer, per se. It's intention was to ensure a competitive market for replacement parts or maintenance of your purchase. This act prevents the manufacturer from forcing you to use their components or service after purchase.
  7. Quit your whining! The guy has a problem and wants to vent. Big deal! Not like it's the first time on this site.
  8. All the guy is asking is what bulb to use.
  9. I can vouch for the Recon 3rd brake light. I currently have their products on both of my trucks. But before I went with Recon I went the cheap route via eBay. That was a very costly mistake. The Recon unit comes with the connector plug and a gasket with adhesive for a tight seal, absolutely plug and play. Anzo also had a good fitting product with a gasket but no adhesive and it didn't come with the connector plug. I've messed with a two or three 3rd brake eBay versions and although they look like Anzo, they aren't the same quality. The above also applies to the Recon led brake lights. The Recons worked right out of the box. The Anzo and eBay tail lights came with the cheap Chinese resistors and required replacement resistors before they would function correctly.
  10. anyone got decals on their hood?

    Here's mine. The pictures aren't the best but it'll give you an idea. Enlarging them will give you a better view.
  11. 6 Speed Learning Transmission?

    The word from the dealers is that there is a learning process involved with transmission programming. That may be the case in some small way. There may be some routine that fine tunes the base program. The funny thing is, I didn't experience any learning mode when I applied a Diablo tune to my transmission. The change was immediate and for the better. So I'm kind of skeptical about this "learning" mode thing. I'm not sure whether the transmission is adapting to the owner or vice versa. Anyway, to address your question directly, don't baby the truck. Drive it like you normally would and after 5000 miles or so, if it isn't right take it in for service. Trust me, you wouldn't be the first.
  12. Whatever. The point is that, at least with my dealer, it's not mandatory.
  13. I just got off of the phone with my long time service advisor. He tells me that the fix is a "recommendation" from GM and that I am not required to have the fix done. Honestly, if I felt that it was truly a safety hazard I would have it done regardless of the mess it makes but I don't drag my butt across the seat anywhere near the part in question so I am going to opt out. He agrees.

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