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  1. When I had my 2015 Sierra and a body lift installed, mine did the same thing. When the dealership diagnosed it, they discovered one of the ground straps not properly connected.
  2. Superlift 3.5 Pics and opinions

    There is a pic in one of the other threads. I believe you had commented on it a while back during your search for a lift or level. I can post a pic if you do not recall it. The Superlift rear shocks seem fine for on-road use. I do not go off-road so not sure how they will hold up. I can't really compare the factory rears to these as I had the kit installed after I put just a few hundred miles on the truck. I picked this kit as I did not see any negative issues from actual owners.
  3. Superlift 3.5 Pics and opinions

    Still love mine. I have a tad over 14k miles on it with no issues and hoping it stays that way.
  4. Prices of the vehicles keep going up and they keep taking features away or charge for them. I was surprised too when I bought my 2018 earlier this year and discovered they only give you 2 free oil changes/tire rotations vs the 4 and charging for the remote access. I don't understand why they charge for the Onstar emergency service. If a company has the technology to provide emergency services if an accident is detected or locating your vehicle if stolen/carjacked; one should not have to pay extra or it should just be wrapped into price of vehicle like seat belts. I have heard from friends where their elderly parents could not afford that service and when they call Onstar to complain, they offer them a discounted rate. There are some elderly folks out there that do not have cell phones and this service could be a lifesaver for them.
  5. Since you have the I3, reach out to Lew at diablewtune.com as mentioned above. You should be able to change tire size in the unit. I used to run the canned Diablo 91/93 tunes and finally decided to have him do a custom tune for my 2018. The difference is night and day between the canned tune and custom one.
  6. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    I had the 2" BDS leveling kit on my old 2015 lease with a Zone body lift. I never experienced any issues with the kit although I only put 30k miles on it. When I turned it in, there were no issues either with the dealer nor GM.
  7. 3.5-4.5" lift

    Yes sir. From the rear wheel wells, if you are fairly close up, you can see the gap. Some company made liners to fill cover the gap but I never bothered purchasing them. Just wanted to let you see what a leveling kit and body lift looked like if you were interested in going that route.
  8. 3.5-4.5" lift

    Here is a pic of my old 2015 that had a leveling kit and body lift. It had a BDS 2" leveling kit and Zone 1.5" body lift and Readylift 3" blocks in rear with shock extensions. Wheels and tires were stock 20". It was a lease truck and dealership nor GM had any issues when I turned it in with the lift installed.
  9. 3.5-4.5" lift

    I got 3.5" of lift. It rides just a tad stiffer than stock. I am running the stock 20" wheels/275/55-20 tires.
  10. 3.5-4.5" lift

    I have the 3.5" Superlift kit installed on my 2018 and so far no issues.
  11. I had a shop vinyl wrap my front and rear chrome bumpers. So far, no damage. I drive 160 miles a day highway to work and surprised how well it has held up although it has only been about 4 months and 9k miles. It has gone through car washes many, many times. I see a company called Ecological makes covers for the rear bumpers and for the older style front bumper but not the 2018's yet. If/when my vinyl wrap does peel/chip away, I may look into those covers. I have a Flowmaster Series 40 muffler and love the sound. The flapper was removed as the AFM is off. Factory resonator was retained at rear.
  12. My old 2015 used to shake a lot between 70-80. Dealer finally road force balanced wheels/tires and most of the shake disappeared. Fortunately I have had no vibration issues with my new 2018.
  13. I had the Hellwig 7735 on my 2015 Sierra Double Cab 1500 with 2.5" BDS leveling kit, 3" Readylift blocks, and 1.5" Zone body lift with no issues. I have a 2018 GMC Sierra Crew Cab 1500 with a 3.5" Superlift level and the Hellwig 7886 bar as that is what Hellwig recommended and there are no clearance issues. I would contact Hellwig for their recommendation but the 7735 bar might work.
  14. I'm in the metro area but had Lew from Diablew do a tune and am very satisfied. I have heard Livernois Motorsports does pretty good work but do not have any first hand experience with their work/mods.
  15. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Thanks! I had a shop do the installation. Yes, it comes with spacers to drop the diff. Front shocks are factory.

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