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  1. My 2018 CC w/ 5.3 w/ 6sp trans does the same at various intervals. Does not seem to matter if at idle or on highway. Voltmeter also will dip low too but never had any warning lights/messages. I have nearly 30k miles on mine now.
  2. Rear Stake Hole Covers

    Same here; never any issues with them.
  3. I will try to get some pics later. Not saying this is the 'best' 3.5" leveling kit but it seemed reasonably priced, didn't have as many negative reviews as the Rough Country, allows use of factory wheels without needing spacers, comes with skid plate and rear shocks, and has lifetime warranty. Time will tell how well the kit will hold up. Not too worried about billet aluminum diff spacers vs steel.
  4. My parts were also coated/painted. The only parts raw were the rear blocks and the diff drop spacers which were aluminum I believe. UCA's, u-bolts, strut spacers and whatever else were all black.
  5. I've had the Rough Country hard tri-fold on for about a year with no issues but I would most likely not purchase another one due to the previous comments and it only has 4 clamping points at each corner. I was worried as I drive nearly 150 miles a day on highway for work and thought it would fly off. Fortunately it has held tight.
  6. I've used: Harold's Frame Shop in Novi, Not sure if they will do the Bilsteins but they do quite a few leveling kit installs or used to as it been a couple years since I used them. Vehicle Accessories in Clarkston. Total Car Care in Livonia.
  7. IIRC, as it was many years ago since I owned a 3/4 ton, that 3/4 tons and above were exempt from the seat belt laws thus that may be why the passenger-side does not chime....just guessing.
  8. I also have the Superlift 3.5" kit on my 2018 CCSB. I cannot tell too much of a difference in ride stiffness as mine has the factory 20" wheels/tires which seem to ride rougher than the 18". I have over 20k miles with the kit installed. Mine came with Superlift rear shocks. Their tech support said this lift with their UCA's is at it's max and if you went with the Billsteins up front; to leave them a the 0" setting.
  9. 4 Inch Fabtech

    I would call/email Fabtech and ask them but their kit is probably not meant to go any higher.
  10. Need Tuner Advice

    It was my understanding too that the Predator could not load custom tunes but it looks like their newer model may. When I was in the market, Diablo recommended the InTune for what I wanted and I thought at that time, it could not handle custom tunes. When I posted earlier, someone said it could, so I revised my post. This link from Diablo shows a comparison chart. The Predator P2 shows it can handle CMR custom tunes but lacks many other features such as "spark/fuel/tuning". Diablo matrix comparing Predator P2, InTune, Trinity
  11. Need Tuner Advice

    @richamor ; thanks, good to know about the Predator 2 Platinum.
  12. Need Tuner Advice

    The Diablo units do not stay plugged in. If you think at some point, you may want a custom tune, then I would get the iTune if you are looking at the Diablo units. I don't think the Predator model will allow custom tunes. ETA, below post says the Predator2 Platinum can store custom tunes.
  13. Need Tuner Advice

    There are some that stay plugged in but most are units that you plug into the port, then upload/download the tune and then unplug. I have a similar set up as you, Airaid MIT, Flowmaster muffler. I have a custom Diablew tune. I used to run the factory Diablo canned tunes but the custom tune is much better. MPG went up, throttle response is better as well as trans shifts. Since you are just looking to turn of AFM/DoD, get better mileage and recalibrate speedo, I would think most of the basic handheld tuners would be fine.
  14. I use DR Color Chip repair kits to keep the stone chips covered. I've used it in 40 degree temps with no issue. I will probably be trying it in sub 30 degree temps soon. They sell a kit to cover broad areas of multiple chips. On one of my previous trucks, I took it to a shop that specialized in chip repairs where the front of the hood was covered with many tiny chips. They made it virtually like new for a fraction of the cost of a body shop. I think some dealerships now offer chip repairs although I don't know if they do it in-house or send it out.
  15. Rental Car

    When my dealership runs out of loaners, they send folks over using their shuttle to a nearby Enterprise Car Rental. I have to give Enterprise a CC and they put a $50 pre-auth but when I return it, they remove it and bill the dealership.

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