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  1. Yeah me too but there's this $ thing. I have a Bolt and it feels faster than it really is because the motor has a flat torque curve from 0 rpm to max and no gear shifting. Electric truck with a sub 5 sec 0-60 will feel like a rocket sled to the driver.
  2. I have a reservation for a Cybertruck but it's trivial dollars and refundable. Assuming the Hummer has a 4WD version with 400 mile range and 250 KW charging I'd spend $60K on it. Won't be 1000 hp but maybe only 600, LOL.
  3. I own a bolt and had a volt, so I have considerable experience with EVs. Electric trucks, for them to be useful doing truck things, would need enormous battery packs. Like 180 kWh or larger and those would be prohibitively expensive with Li cells . So I voted yes I would buy one but put it out 10 years as battery costs would have to be slashed to make it affordable. Probably will need a .major breakthrough in battery chemistry and who know when or if that happens. Till then, mild hybrid or e-assist systems on gassers make sense IMO.
  4. 2015 5.3l, I got 7800 miles with a few percent left on the meter, agree it's not just a dumb meter that counts miles (like my 1977 Honda did).
  5. I just leased a $48500 MSRP LT Z71 DC. I got 8000 in rebates plus supplier pricing, so I got more than 20% off. Hint: Shop the competitors! When I showed the salesman what I could get an F-150 crew cab for and kept saying how much I wanted a crew cab the question became what would it take to get you into a double cab... made an aggressive offer and an hour later I got the phone call, come and get it.
  6. My 2015 Lt Z71 double cab 4x4, would run in v4 mode up to 75 mph on flat terrain and no headwinds. The DIC over a 100 mile average read nearly 23 mpg. Only mod was a soft tonneau cover. Personally, I like AFM and would have no reason to deactivate it.
  7. This bad boy launched from the dealership today! 5.3L LT All Star Z71 with Leather and Bose, trailer package. Leased truck so no mods. I had a green 15, lease expired today, was a great truck, but time to switch. I think the refreshed front end looks best in solid dark colors. First black vehicle I've owned and I'm SS age. Lurking in the background is a Grand Sport Carbon 65, nice car!
  8. I'm shopping trucks right now for an early August purchase. XLT with 302A package matches fairly well with LT All Star for comparison. It's a tough choice between the two. My guess is the next gen Silverado will be a lot like the F-150, lots of aluminum to save weight though GM might stay with naturally aspirated motors with AFM vs. turbo. I might go with a Big Horn RAM. All steel truck, no turbos, with a very nice interior and IMO the most comfortable ride. Now that I am aware of them, I see a lot of RAMS on the road here and some of my friends who are pretty savvy have them.
  9. The new truck may be different but not necessarily "better" other than the infotainment stuff. 2 years ago I did an extensive comparison of the 'new' F-150 vs. the Silverado, aluminum vs. steel, turbo v-6 vs. 5.3l. Conclusion - two different approaches that lead to basically the same truck performance-wise. Silverado was cheaper so that is what I got. BTW, the Silverado has been flawless. Almost regret the having the lease end in 6 weeks.
  10. My 2015 LT Z71 5.3 4WD has less than 500 miles but so far, very smooth up to the highest speed I've had it, 75 mph. Back when I bought my 2005 F-150 there was lots of discussion concerning excessive vibration being posted on F-150 forums. Mine never did up to 120,000 miles when I traded it. IIRC, most of the blame was put on driveshafts out of balance.
  11. Double cab LT Z71 MSRP 44,900. Capitalized cost about 9600 less. Supplier discount plus a wad of rebates plus a 1500 Private Offer. Dealer also swallowed 2200 on a lease pullback. And threw in a soft tonneau cover. Not bad, lease a 45000 vehicle for 300 a month. 12K, 2 years.
  12. Quite a flip flop huh? Trucks are so darn handy, and electric cars don't excel in cold climates. Michigan has no perks or rebates to subsidize EV's. I take delivery in a couple days of a Green LT Z71 Double Cab with 5.3 ecotec. Gas mileage on the test drive was impressive. I drove a couple of F-150s and was very underwhelmed. All that innovation and engineering for so little benefit. Really not much improvement over my 2005 SCAB F-150. Made choosing the Silverado a no-brainer.
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