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  1. The camshaft sensor is to the right (red) I can see the bolt. What is the one to the left (white). I feel this is the source of the leak
  2. thanks for the input. II will give it a shot soon.
  3. I have some type of leak. Has been going I. For Awhile. It’s not the oil pressure sensor. It’s about midway in the front of the block. I could wiggle the sensor with my hand. What sensor is that? Hard to replace?
  4. The 8l90 is a defective. Based on my research there is a class action lawsuit. I have had three repairs ( TCC recall, new valve body, reprogramming. ) my miles did not warrant any maintenance. I will let you know how it turns out. S
  5. That’s the defroster grill vent. and it’s the only piece you can remove from the dash. By just removing the a pillar. The tabs are part of it, there are also “hooks that when you reinstall will slide into “holes”closest to the windshield. Try wrapping flocking tape around the hooks. That helped my problem. Until I had another rattle, now sounds like I have a loose duct and or evaporator or heater core. Also, you can insulate the cutout for the vent on the underside
  6. You need to put flocking tape around the hooks that secure the defrost grill. There is a tsb on that
  7. can you post link again.. redirects to an copyright letter? I have a rattle and seems likely could be the inverter box. How to access? Fix?
  8. Would time matter? If I did this on five year old truck versus a one. Would it be anymore difficult to polish out the "ghost" I debadged the doors on my 15 and never got around to the tailgate. Would it be difficult to polish out five years later
  9. What was your issue. I sent DM,. trying to investigate myself- I think maybe its an actuator on the HVAC box. Or maybe duct tapping on dash carriage?
  10. Did you resolve. I have noise coming from behind the radio aread- Have already Flock taped the defroster grill vent. What behind the radio? Just Ducts?
  11. Good luck. Just opened my case with BBB. 3 repair attempts with recall. Does recall count towards lemon ? I am done with this truck. I have cracking and popping suspension. Noises under the dash. Seat movement. Ridiculous for a 60k denali
  12. I get it now. The capacitor hooks up to the passenger side. Thanks for the info. Ill give it a and see how it goes. Thanks for the info
  13. hey. chiming in here. I have the same set up (morimoto 55W) When you say switch the polarity on the plug. You are refering to the ignitor? Correct? Basically what plugs into the bulb? I dont want to fry anything.
  14. I have been able to quiet it down by placing foam tape throughout the quarter panel dash I did seem to think it was coming from the radio and put some cardboard as a wedge to help it from moving. That didn’t do it. After i padded the quarter panel trim, one time out of three or four times so far i think i was getting some rattle from the union at the defroster grill (on panel) and the duct. For example, everything was fine this morning on the drive in. I was a little concerned the tape i used was to thick. I did hear the dash creek from expansion heat (not moving) and I am thinking maybe it has settled in. This weekend i am set to get some flock tape and I am going to try and covertly put some tape around the duct. So weird I got the sound after I padded the panel at random times. Maybe it has settled in? I doubt it.
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