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  1. I get it now. The capacitor hooks up to the passenger side. Thanks for the info. Ill give it a and see how it goes. Thanks for the info
  2. hey. chiming in here. I have the same set up (morimoto 55W) When you say switch the polarity on the plug. You are refering to the ignitor? Correct? Basically what plugs into the bulb? I dont want to fry anything.
  3. I have been able to quiet it down by placing foam tape throughout the quarter panel dash I did seem to think it was coming from the radio and put some cardboard as a wedge to help it from moving. That didn’t do it. After i padded the quarter panel trim, one time out of three or four times so far i think i was getting some rattle from the union at the defroster grill (on panel) and the duct. For example, everything was fine this morning on the drive in. I was a little concerned the tape i used was to thick. I did hear the dash creek from expansion heat (not moving) and I am thinking maybe it has settled in. This weekend i am set to get some flock tape and I am going to try and covertly put some tape around the duct. So weird I got the sound after I padded the panel at random times. Maybe it has settled in? I doubt it.
  4. I am having a similar issue on my 15 denali. I believe it to be coming from the top underside of the dash somewhere in between the radio and dash board. I really think it could be duct work. I removed the trim panel on the upper dash and noticed a little freeplay in some of the ducts. I wanted to try your remedy. But wanted to confirm where your rattle was coming from. Was it rattling ariund your centerstack (bottom) or dashboard area?? Thanks
  5. What are torque specs for the drain bolt on 15 sierra, is there a washer.. thanks friends
  6. Is there anyway to adjust the ez lift and open tail gate. It is not as easy to use as it once was
  7. Does anyone know how to adjust the ez lift and open. Mine seems to not be working very good. Do these things wear out
  8. Is the 6ohm absolute. I have a pair of morimoto 9ohm resistors With morimoto bulbs and wil get hyperflash with lights and brake lights. If i dont have the headlights works more then 1/2 of the time. Is the bcm that sensitive. I have the resistors on all four corners of the truck. But just get the messege in the rear right. Left rear fails once in awhile.
  9. Actually im happy to have it installed i can deal with it. It is ever so slight anyway. From what i have been told is perfectly normal. Considering i removed a 6 inch between the pcv valves and replaced with over three feet of hose and a can seems fine. More hose does this creat more vacum. Maybe thats what i am hearing??
  10. I just installed an elite can on 6.2 sierra. I have noticed a slight hissing sound. Not sure where its coming from. Searched onother forums this is semi normal. Is that true?
  11. Is this mod that hard to do...you have to take the dealer..The front bumper has to be removed...Cant be done in backyard??
  12. I would never claim to be an expert. But I have 2k miles on my 15 Denali w/ 6.2l 8 speed, and the first thing I noticed was how smooth the trannny shifts you don't even feel it. I don't even feel it switch into drive. This truck is not my daily and I can also say that once the tranny was cold (truck sat for a month) I may not have let it warm up as long as it should and from first to second did feel very "tall" other then that incredibly smooth and I feel the match is perfectly tuned.. As others have stated it does jump from one gear to the next very fast...I think this was for fuel economy. I love the manual mode..I don't know if you can get the manual mode in a 6 sp
  13. Its all good I found the gm upfitter...its is the brown wire on the harness connector. its has an abbreviation it is brown and blue I believe. Thanks brother!!
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