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  1. When I test drove a 2500HD High Country w/ 20" wheels I had the same concern upgrading from a 1500. I had the snapshot of it yet in my pictures.
  2. For my 2020, build date was week of August 10th and it arrived at the United Road Services (Twin Oaks yard) just below Phila last week of August. My dealer went down and fetched it since it wasn't that far and I had it for Friday August the 28th. Really enjoying it so far.
  3. Finally took delivery of on Friday. Dealer drove it to dealership from rail distribution yard about 50 miles away so I could have it for the weekend. I posted a few pics on the picture page.
  4. Finally took delivery of my HD Friday after a long wait. Ordered on March 11th. Upgraded from a GMC 1500.
  5. Great to hear you found one since your order didn't go through. My salesman says mine is now on a rail car heading to an area distribution center, so hopefully I see it soon.
  6. I guess they'll be switching over to '21MY soon. Mine is supposedly being built this week.
  7. I ordered the same truck. Hopefully I'll see it in early September. Plus for '21 MY they deleted Shadow Grey color I ordered. Looks like you upgraded from a 1500 too?
  8. Target Production Week Its been a long wait. Trying to confirm with my dealer its still on target.
  9. I ordered early in March. TPW is 8/10. I’m concerned about the quality now with so many workers being out sick.
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