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  1. I get leary about low mileage trucks so this one has me worried but i am still going to look at it tonight. According to what ive found its a 2 owner truck, 2013 with 43000 miles. With such low miles and 2 owners it makes me nervous. I had a 2002 that i bought in 05 with 70k on it. I ended up installing a built trans and a high hp tune and ran it for 40k miles that way until i traded it in at about 140k. never had a single issue with that truck. Am i overthinking this or would you be wondering what could be wrong with the truck as well?
  2. Diff gear swap done

    So here's 2 shots, trip meter and remaining fuel meter. I am actually seeing the average mpg go up slowly but it hasn't been reset in 10000 miles or so. Keep in mind this is some true stop and go traffic in the afternoon, took me 1.5 hours to go 32 miles yesterday.
  3. Do I need Premium?

    Yes you do if you run that tune, it'll ping or knock it you dont
  4. I would go with a custom tune from black bear or similar. With gas engines you really cant gain too much just from a tuner
  5. Its calculating correctly. Cant run e85 now, work commute is too far.
  6. I'm using the pay version, don't know if you are or not.
  7. One of the 20 dollar obd scanners bought on Amazon and torque pro from which ever app store you use
  8. Diff gear swap done

    So my new job is 64 miles round trip, 2 weeks down at this point. I checked friday morning, trip was at 340 miles fuel remaining was 100 so I'm not seeing a loss in mpg, which really isn't a surprise to me since the engine was lugging with the 3.08 gears. My commute in the morning usually goes smoothly without much stopping, but there definitely is some slowing down and not running highway speeds, usually ends up being about a 45 min ride. Afternoon is quite a bit of stop and go and usually takes an hour or a little longer. Performance wise I couldn't be happier although at 45 mph in 6th gear it still doesnt want to pull through the gear, it's just too high of a transmission ratio. Anything above 50 or 55 it will pull through the gear and will actually accelerate even going up the 2 steep bridges I have to cross on the way to work where before it was downshifting just to maintain speed. I am contemplating raising the shift points as 1st 2nd and 3rd are really short and in stop and go traffic that sucks. Also contemplating disabling some of the tq management to see how it feels without it. One thing to note, the more you spend on the gears the quieter they will be. I bought the gears and master rebuild kit on Amazon for 185. If you don't spend 400 + on just the gears you will have some noise. The mechanic set mine up to where the noise is when the truck is coasting when you're just at the point where you're barely on the gas. If you're in the throttle its quiet, if you're totally off the throttle its quiet. The noise is a slight humming noise, its not very loud especially with the windows down and the radio on. The mechanic told me a little heavier oil may help so I'll let the gears break in for about 5000 miles and change the fluid. So final thoughts, I'm happy I did it. If I bought a truck with anything less than a 3.42 I would do the swap again but now that I know gm puts gears like that in the trucks I'll make sure to check this time. Before the swap I wouldn't even think about trying to jump out in traffic and accelerate because the truck was such a slug that I didnt want to chance it but now i have a lot more confidence that it'll go when i need it to. The truck has the hd cooling so I added roughly 2000lbs to the towing capacity.
  9. Manual Shift no worky

    Yes it will do that just be careful about downshifting too soon. But sk is also right, if you set it to m4 it will not shift into 5th or 6th unless the computer thinks it's going to over rev.
  10. Diff gear swap done

    So after having the motor mount changed, big difference in feel of the truck just from that by the way, I'm liking the gears so far. The truck accelerates smoother and I think the shifts are better also. First gear is really short, there's no doubt about that 2 to 3 and 3 to 4 do happen quicker also. It gets into 5th and 6th around the same time but is able to maintain them way better than before. I haven't gotten it out on the highway for any time yet but I start a new job tomorrow so depending on traffic I may get a chance to see how it runs. I may post one more time after this week and then I will probably get a good long run on it for mpg numbers and driveability. I will respond to any questions I see though
  11. Diff gear swap done

    Here's the motor mount
  12. Diff gear swap done

    After I get the engine mount done today I will push it a little harder and see how it feels. I used a gear calculator before I made my decision and I mainly went with 4.10s because it's not a factory option. I think with ratio in first in the trans that the 3.73 would probably be better all around unless you're on bigger tires. I know the torque management doesn't help but a 3.08 gear adds to that. I can disable tq management with my superchips but I have chosen not too for nowsince I'm still paying on the truck. Yes, around 1300 at 45 and was pushing 2000 at 70
  13. Diff gear swap done

    5.3 iron block aluminum heads. I bought the truck with 103k it has 130500 now
  14. 18" rims on 2003 Sierra Quadrasteer

    Rim size doesn't matter, tire size does

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