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  1. These do not cover the entire bottom of the seats. Still available. Looks like the picture works now.
  2. I know they cover the sides and front of the seats but I can't remember how underneath they extend. I'll have to check tomorrow when I get home and I'll let you know.
  3. Bump. Reminder, this is for the 60/40 REAR bench seat, NOT the front bench seat.
  4. Covercraft Seatsaver Seat Covers for sale. Came off my 2016 Silverado Crew Cab with the 60/40 split rear bench with arm rest. Charcoal black in color, which is more of a slate color, but it didn't look to bad with the black cloth interior. Right seat has a small 3/4 tear from my idiot friend who dropped a knife in my truck one week after installing. The rip never got any bigger even with a dog running around the back seat. Does a great job of keeping the seat and super easy to clean. Paid $175 asking $80. (Looks like they retail for $200 now on autoanything) Should be good for any 2014-2016 full size trucks with the 60/40 split bench AND rear fold down arm rest. This is the 'submodel' for the seat covers I purchased. SubmodelCrew cab, with 60/40 split bench seat, with adjustable headrest, with center shoulder seatbelt, with folding down armrest, with cupholder Can send pictures on request. My pictures are below the 4.88mb requirement but it won't let me upload them.
  5. I sold my 2016 Silverado with the 5.3 this spring and I took off all the accessories before I traded it in. Catch can only has about 25,000 on it so it's basically brand new. Also included is the clean side separator. Still has all the hoses and fittings attached. It's still set up to work with the Airaid Modular intake tube but can be easily adapted to work with your set up. Good for 2014 - 2018 trucks with the 5.3. I'm sure it will work with others but that's what I had and how it is set up. Asking $175 for catch can set up. I'll handle shipping to lower 48. Located in Omaha, NE. I sold my truck and purchased a 2019 Wrangler Rubicon.
  6. Well I decided to hold off on the tonneau for the time being. I made the decision to spend the money on Line-X since I didn't get the factory bed liner. I decided to go with the bed liner first because when I moved a wooden headboard last weekend and the wood scratched the paint down to the primer. I was shocked at how soft the paint was. The truck is 2 months old so I figured it was plenty of time for the paint to finally cure and harden but I guess not. But when I was talking to the guys at the Line-X, who are "authorized dealers and installers" for many tonneau covers, they actually tried to persuade me to NOT get the G4. They mentioned they had a bad experience with the manufacturer once so they will never go back. Of course this is one brand and model they don't offer so doesn't surprise me they would try and discredit it. They do offer the undercover flex and what do you know, they tried to sell me one. I'm also convinced that GM wouldn't offer the G4 without thoroughly vetting the product.
  7. I kept the stock filter, didn't see a point in spending the money to replace a filter that had 500 miles on it on a brand new truck.
  8. I'm not sure what there is to warranty, it's just a plastic tube. But yes, it will fit the 2016 because I just installed it on my truck. Maybe I should email Airaid and let them know the MIT fits with zero issues...
  9. The Airaid MIT for the 2015 fits on the 2016. There were no design changes under the hood. I just installed the MIT on my 2016 a few weeks ago.
  10. I just installed the Airaid MIT on my 2016 and couldn't be happier. I got a heck of a deal on it from jet.com so I couldn't pass it up. I lefty the factory air filter in as well. Someone on this forum posted dyno charts of all the different intakes on the previous gen truck, including the MIT, and the MIT did just as good as everything else for half the cost. I've only stumbled across that post twice and haven't had much luck finding it again. I would imagine it would have similar effect on the 14+ as well.
  11. Well shoot. Guess I'll be adding that to my list of things to do. Thanks!
  12. Without digging through this entire thread, does anyone know of a running board that closely resembles that of the Ford Raptor? I would like to find a set that hugs close to the body, and offers some protection for the rockers from rocks and road debris.
  13. I agree that the paint sucks. Although I have yet to look closely at my rockers for paint chips, the paint in the bed seems to be extremely soft. I loaded a very light weight wooden headboard in my bed today and it gouged the paint immensely. It took absolutely no effort. Thankfully however I plan on getting the bed Line-X'ed here in a week or two.
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