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  1. I’m getting 16 mpg hand calculated , thinking you head is in the sand lol Grizzly
  2. Awesome post [emoji106] Grizzlyltz
  3. I have a 15 and no I don’t pay attention to fuel mileage, but since you asked - Pulling 12000lbs through the Rocky’s 9-10 mpg - empty highway Cruising 15-16 mpg - combined city/ highway 13 mpg You know what amazing me that most everyone say the 6.0 is underpowered, on paper yes but very few realize that means shit. Grizzlyltz
  4. IMO I would leave it stock. With 2200lbs pin weigh truck will sit level Grizzlyltz
  5. [emoji4][emoji91]just trying to stir the pot a little lol Raptor is a neat truck! Grizzlyltz
  6. Lol your first post and all you stated was how your gmc is junk, sorry about your misfortune Why not start your own thread and bitch away.? Have a wonderful day Grizzlyltz
  7. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just don't let anyone or anything drink it. It has a very low vapor pressure, and evaporates quickly. Grizzlyltz
  8. All season windshield fluid rated for -40 works in Canada I buy mine at co-op, it’s green. Your engine antifreeze should be at -40 from the mother ship [emoji38] Grizzlyltz
  9. Welcome from [emoji1063] Grizzlyltz
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