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  1. Gday from Australia!

    Welcome from [emoji1063] Grizzlyltz
  2. F150 electric

  3. “but the 6.0 is the weak point, your gonna be disappointed going up those hills” This statement absolutely drives me nuts I and many 100s of other folks pull a fifth wheel 12000lbs all over the Rocky’s with out issues, this little 6.0 under powered, low tech,unreliable blah blah deserves more respect Grizzly
  4. This is new! This is the first post that I’ve read that the 6.0 is unreliable First for everything I guess All I can say to this is BS [emoji849] Grizzly
  5. Tailgate LED light bars

    Thanks I haven’t noticed a delay Grizzlyltz
  6. Tailgate LED light bars

    I like the look and the safety aspect Went with putco, yes pricey but worth every penny Grizzlyltz
  7. First brake job?

    Lol your blaming the trucks brakes for your lousy driving habits.[emoji2960]
  8. This is my 2500 waiting to go camping lol[emoji6] Sits level with approx 2100lbs pin
  9. 6.0L Muffler Swap

    I installed a dual a couple years back and I still love the sound and absolutely no drone even with dragging my fifth wheel around. Here are some pics Grizzly
  10. Opinions are like assholes everyone has one. [emoji481] Grizzly
  11. 2020 HD's

    Well I guess I’m one ov a few. Me thinks this HD looks awesome. If I wasn’t so close to retirement I’d buy My 15 HD will do Grizzlyltz
  12. Guess it's my turn now

    Welcome from Alberta. Love southwest BC, spend a lot of time there in the summer Grizzlyltz
  13. Guess it's my turn now

    Hey!! where are my decals? [emoji38] Grizzlyltz
  14. Aging Sucks ER Trip What Happened?


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