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  1. What’s wrong with Canadian actors? Corporate is American, General is North America [emoji1063] Wait for the Mexicans super bowl commercial coming to you this fall Grizzly
  2. Mahk He needs a punch 🤜 or a kick in the nackers Grizzly
  3. Nice thing about these are they shine both ditches, well worth the change. Grizzly
  4. Was a member last year here with the same type of issue Not sure what the fix was Grizzly
  5. Well, I did it. I defected....

    That’s because ford or gm dealers won’t take them as a trade [emoji111]️ Grizzly
  6. Truck stolen!... Update!

    Shit happens for a reason , sounds like you found a nice truck, just don’t borrow this one to anyone lol Grizzly
  7. Could be your shocks also Or try rotating your tires Grizzly
  8. What did you do to your "other" car (aka musclecar) today

    Sounds awesome!! Grizzly
  9. Long time follower, 1st time poster!!

    Welcome Grizzly
  10. The hydrostatic drives are awesome just be careful most of the older drives are obsolete and you can’t get parts for them Grizzly

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