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  1. I run timbrens in all my trucks. Had them in my half tons too. I tried both air lift, and Firestone air bags. I hated that i needed to add air when loaded and take it out when not. They leaked air when it got cold, and had to take air out when lifting truck on lift. I just put timbrens in and forget about them. They just work. Air bags did help but more expensive and harder to deal with. In the picture it is 12,000lbs total. The truck sits nice. not sure why it cut picture off, maybe its the way i took it on cell phone. I also haul my tractor in my dump trailer
  2. Hey sillywillie07, I'm not good at how to post on these forums. In reference to my transmission that was rebuilt on my 3500, they said they had to program it again. Its shifting real hard in 4th now so they want me to bring it in again. The service manager said he didn't quite know what else to do to it because they already reset the programming on it but they would figure something out. So I need to weigh my truck I guess. I don't really have much on it but tools, compressor, and generator welded to service bed. I know this all adds up but I have friends with 3/4 tons Chevys that pull 8000 lb skid steers with their truck. I'm just having a hard time understanding a heavy duty transmission not performing I guess. I appreciate you replying back on some info and will ask them what you said when I get it back to them. 

  3. Hello, I just joined tonight. I have a post about my 6L90 and 6.0 3500 hd with a service bed. I had it rebuilt 2 weeks ago by gm, under powertrain. They said it would shift funny for a while and I don't know what a while is. It still shifts hard as of a week of being repaired. the truck weighs 13200 or that's what it says on the door anyway. With my tools, I'm at about 14,400. Is this too heavy or too much for the 6L90 stock? If it is, I am trying to understand why the dealer's couple a crew cab 4x4 with a service bed when they know someone will use it for work. If you guys have any ideas or advice I would appreciate it. I can't backtrack and get a diesel with a stronger transmission at this time like the dealers said I should have done. I still owe for my newer truck. Thanks . Your truck doesn't weight 13,200. That is the gvwr of the truck. So if the gvwr of your truck is 13,200lbs and it is 14,400lbs then you are over weight by 1,200lbs. That's the max the truck is supposed to be loaded. When they rebuilt it did they reset the transmission shift adapts? If not when they rebuilt it and didn't reset this it can be bad for the trans. It learns how you drive and adapts the shift points to how it is used.
  4. 2015 6.0 Drivetrain Clunking?

    Your warranty starts the day its put on the road. In service date. So that means when you bought it.
  5. factory suspension height

    thanks. i was able to find the factory z height adjustment.
  6. Does anyone know the factory ride height for 2011-16 2500hd? The old 2500 hd, my old 2006 had a factory z height spec you could adjust torsion bars to. It was bottom of the knuckle using a level to the center of the bottom control arm bolt. Just wanting to check mine after dealer played with it. thanks
  7. CV angles

    Its going back to see if they can fix it. Im sick of people not being able to align cars and trucks
  8. CV angles

    they were unable to get the camber adj. toe was adjustable and is a wear item. Camber is a wear item, and caster doesn't cause tire wear, but you can feel how this makes a difference. How it goes over bumps at slow speed, and how steering wheel is self centering. When i took the truck away the steering wheel was off to the right anyways!
  9. CV angles

    I turned my bars up 3 turns. went to the dealer for an alignment, they asked if i had a leveling kit installed? They could not get it back into specs. I told them what i did, they turned it back down 3 turns to get it to be within factor specs. Im not so happy.
  10. Take that kit out. The upper control arm is banging against that stop. Not correct setup. It will wear out ball joints, tires quickly.
  11. boss makes a replacment valance that is molded around there plow frame
  12. Best Mudflaps for 2500

    Look at duraflap, I have them on the front and rear. I really like them. No drilling.
  13. Regret your 3/4?

    Im not telling you what to do, but 50,000 miles on a fuel filter is not good. Once a year at least. I changed my filter every time i change the oil.
  14. cold air intake for 2016 silverado 2500HD

    that only fits to a 2015. Doesn't fit 2016.

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