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  1. have any pictures of it? Id like to see the gvwr sticker. A 8600 frt axle rating? My truck is 9500 lbs gvwr.
  2. Its not a good idea to run truck with block heater working. The antifreeze can move away from the heater element and cause it to burn out. As it is circulating.
  3. I have duraflap on mine. Not sure if that's what your looking for.
  4. That is a sharp looking truck!!!!! very nice. What the specs on that?
  5. I think the 3500hd will be better for pin weight. I have the same, and with that pin weight it maxes out the trucks gvwr. The def fluid has a shelf life on it. Just have to keep that fresh. Other than that run it ones and while up to full temperature to keep thing good.
  6. factory z height is a measurement on level ground using a level and tape measure. You put the level on the knuckle bottom where the ball joint nut is. Place the level on the machine surface of the knuckle. Use the level and hold it level. Measure from the center of the lower control arm bolt at the frame of the truck, to the level. It should be between 5"-5.5". need to check both sides. Service adjustments allows .5" side to side.
  7. I think there get a grove wore in them, and it catches on the lip of the other spring and thats causes the clunk. Mine is bad again. Im going to call the dealer again to see if there is a fix for it now.
  8. My truck did it. They greased the leaf springs, it worked for a while. It started it again, really loud now. Gotta bring it back. Mine is right rear. 32,000 miles on it.
  9. Well i put the sumo springs in the front. Brought front up 3/4-1". That also drops the rear hitch height slight. I have an ez hauler 6x12 enclosed trailer and run my hitch at 5"drop.
  10. I have stock suspension height, but run timbren and summo springs up front. I use the curt adjustable hitch. 2.5" size 6" drop. Two balls with 2" and 2/5/16" balls.
  11. What kind of plow do you have? What is the condition of you battery's? Does it have dual battery's?
  12. For one, congrats on the new truck. I think it is great idea. I would love a diesel, but i work on them and drive on for work. It is a pain during the cold winters. The reason i went with a 6.0l. I can't wait to see this build.
  13. Yes this happens. Its luck that it did idle. Most times the filter gets a wax in it and doesn't flow fuel. In your case it let enough fuel threw to idle, but as the rpms and load increases it cant supply enough fuel to do this. Diesel needs to be cut or have additives in it to keep it from gelling.
  14. I run timbrens in all my trucks. Had them in my half tons too. I tried both air lift, and Firestone air bags. I hated that i needed to add air when loaded and take it out when not. They leaked air when it got cold, and had to take air out when lifting truck on lift. I just put timbrens in and forget about them. They just work. Air bags did help but more expensive and harder to deal with. In the picture it is 12,000lbs total. The truck sits nice. not sure why it cut picture off, maybe its the way i took it on cell phone. I also haul my tractor in my dump trailer
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