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  1. I just replaced mine as well. Once you get the old one off, you will see that GM changed the design of this part to be more robust. They added additional ribs because these step pads fail at a high rate. If you look at the picture (from the ebay site), the circle support ribs are not present in the pads taken off of the 2014 models.
  2. A/C Condenser

    Mine has failed this week at 54,000 miles. I had it in for Stabilitrak issues on Monday and they mentioned that it appeared that the condenser had been leaking. It was cool so I didn't need AC until yesterday. It is blowing warm air now.
  3. Not a fan of painted bumpers. I like the Denali but it needs chrome bumpers in my opinion.
  4. I haven't actually had that happen but I did have the opposite problem where only my radio worked. To me, it sounds like the radio module may have gone bad. I had the HMI module go bad in mine. It controls the things that are working in your truck.
  5. Yes, those are the controls that don't work when an older system is upgraded. Volume and back/next must be controlled from the main infotainment screen for AA/CP only. Steering wheel controls still work for regular radio and media.
  6. I used Digital Dash Solutions in CT. After trading in my 2014 system with factory Nav it was about $900. They were responsive when I had an issue with the system and sent me a refurbished HMI unit to replace the faulty one. System works well now. There are other companies that can do the same thing for roughly the same price. One thing to keep in mind if you upgrade is that the steering wheel controls won't work with Android Auto/Car Play. They did tell me this up front and I decided to go forward with it anyway. I did some investigating and found out that to get that functionality there are parts in the dash that need to be replaced and programmed as well and the cost that I got for that was around $800.
  7. HMI is bad. This is a new replacement system from 2016 model year to get Android Auto in my 2014. Company that supplied the unit is sending me new HMI. The system thinks it doesn't have software loaded when it has been.
  8. Have any of you had your screen go to this?
  9. How many people would think the vehicle was giving the temperature and it can't be right because it says 270°?
  10. Step Pad Cracked

    My truck won't fit in my garage so it sits outside all the time in South Carolina. So between the sun beating down on it and my 200 lb frame stepping on it, I guess it was too much after 3 years.
  11. I was pumping gas today and realized that the plastic pad on the side step had cracked. I did some research and found the part number is 84106539. Has anyone replaced these? If so, how easy is the job? It looks like they may just pop off and back on but I can't find any definitive answer about that online.
  12. Getting a green truck

    Emerald Green Metallic was offered mid year 2014-2015 on Sierras. It was dropped in 2016. Chevy had the same color but it had a different name during that time period. I got mine in June 2014 and love the color. It is one reason I wouldn't consider buying a new truck because the color is unavailable.
  13. Does anyone have any information on the recall for electric power steering? GM # is N172085440. I saw this on the GMC app for my vehicle but status is: Incomplete. Remedy not available.
  14. Mine does this too. Its out of warranty though so I don't think I want to pay to correct it.
  15. I rode the goodyears for 40k and then replaced with Michelin. Worlds better. I don't slide around in the rain any more (even though that was kinda fun every once in a while)

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