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  1. Same. My 2014 Sierra used to slide on wet roads. Got the Costco Michelins when Goodyears had about 35000 on them. I have over 40000 on the Michelins and at least 1/3 of tread left and haven't slid since. These tires are great!
  2. I have the Morimoto lights in my 2014 as well. The problem is the cheap chinese relays they put into the wiring harness. Mine have gone out several times and with the exception of 1 time, where it was the ballast, it was the relays. I finally replaced both relays with Bosch relays and haven't had an issue since. https://www.amazon.com/Bosch-Automotive-0332019103-Normal-Relays/dp/B004Z0VX4S/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=bosch+relay+4-pin&qid=1576867047&sr=8-4
  3. I got this code this morning and also noticed the hard shifts. Taking it in in a couple days.
  4. My next door neighbor is the service manager at one of the local GMC dealerships. He has always been pretty straight with me about issues that are common. I saw him this morning as we were both leaving for work and discussed the issue briefly. He mentioned the GM bulletin about the oil consumption issue and said he would get it for me. Basically, it says the oil consumption is normal up to a point and I think mine is currently borderline at that point, if not over. He said the way to fix it is replace the rings/pistons. The rings get compressed into the pistons in these engines and don't spring back out all the way therefore allowing oil and fuel blow by around the rings. I asked ballpark price to do that and he said $3k. Ouch. My drivetrain warranty expired last week!
  5. Correct on both. I have considered both and will probably do both eventually but I have just put it off. Since oil consumption seems to be going up, may need to consider going ahead with it sooner than later.
  6. Does anyone know how much oil is in the crankcase when the low oil indicator warning comes on? Mine seems to burn an excessive amount of oil and it seems to be getting worse over time. The last time I changed oil, I started at the recommended 8 quarts and by the time the oil life indicator got to 50%, it gave me the low oil warning. I added a quart and went on. I got the low oil indicator again at 26% of oil life so I changed the oil. Total miles during that period was 5673. Engine is 5.3L.
  7. If you have android auto, this works through that as well. Just say "OK Google" and you can call, navigate, choose music or dictate texts.
  8. As long as there is no pinging, 91 is fine. I have the 5.3 which is supposed to be able to run 87 but it tends to have a pinging problem with 87 so I run 91 now. No issues.
  9. I think it was only early 2014 models that had the 8.5 qts specified. I bought a 2014 mid to late model year and it was always 8 qts in my documentation.
  10. I am talking about myChevrolet or myGMC apps. They are supposed to connect to the vehicles through OnStar to give information about the vehicles.
  11. How many of you guys use the smart phone apps from GM? If you do, have you been unable to update the status of the vehicle the last few weeks?
  12. I have a couple small spots on my GMC 20". I got them mostly when I had the stock Goodyears on. Worst tire. I replaced with Michelin X LT A/S from Costco. They have been great tires. Much better grip in wet and the sidewall sticks out a bit protecting the rim slightly. I did scrap my wife's less than month old Honda Pilot rim last year. She didn't notice for a few months but when she did, I got an ear full. She has 20" rims as well so looked on ebay and found a single for ~$230. The place claims they buy from a Honda dealership for vehicles that have upgraded wheels put on prior to sale. It has worked well and I now have a rim to make a full size spare out of.
  13. My general philosophy has always been to run the lowest octane possible without spark knock. I have actually noticed a little knock with 89 if I accelerate hard but it is fine for general driving. My wife drives a Honda and it runs great on 87.
  14. I had the dealer do it. My next door neighbor is the GMC service manager so I'm pretty sure they actually flushed the system as much as possible.
  15. I run 89 in mine only because it tends to knock with 87. My mileage had dropped down to about 15 mpg around town but I had a transmission flush and mileage jumped back up to around 18 mpg. That was around 52-53k miles and I currently have 58-59k.
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