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  1. Hey thanks, but I found some locally that I’m going to grab.
  2. I haven’t seen anything.
  3. Hey sorry, never got the notification that you replied. If you still have them, how much are you looking for? What’s the condition?
  4. Looking for these in the Milwaukee area!!! Looking to buy, or trade my current 20’s and cash.
  5. I did at first, then I realized that they weren’t sealed correctly. So I wedged wood shims between the window and the vents over night and that fixed it. Now they don’t warp and the auto window up works fine. No issues since.
  6. Is there a plug and play harness to add a sub? If so info please!!! I changed all my door speakers like discussed in this thread, but lost a lot of bass. The speakers are very crisp and clear but no bass, so a sub is my next step.
  7. Any chance you can post a parts list or links? I absolutely want to do this mod. The stock sound is awful in this truck, the ‘16 no Bose I had was way better.
  8. Looks really good. Got any closeups of the inlays installed?
  9. You can run some stock OEMs on your truck. I have my stock 20’s from my ‘16 on my truck. No spacers.
  10. Did them myself, Obxman had a write up on it. It’s really easy. Pry ONLY where the red arrow is. There is a tab indicated by the yellow so DO NOT PRY there. Amazon has every vinyl pattern imaginable. Just read the reviews for a good one. Think I spent $15. The Z71 badges take a lot more work. Wax dental floss them off. Remove all the 3M adhesive. Then you can CAREFULLY remove the red from the chrome. Paint, then reassemble and apply new 3M tape.
  11. I had them wrapped. A lot of shops wouldn't touch them, said they were too complicated (the Grill). When I walked in to the last shop and saw the guy wrapping a new McLaren I figured he knew what he was doing. Eventually I'll probably swap the out for painted bumpers from a wreaked truck. New bumpers from GM are too expensive right now.
  12. I found one on Ebay ($50) that had a couple broken tabs on the back, which was perfect for me. I just took a Dremel and cut off the remaining tabs and secured it with 3M Molding tape. I was worried it wouldn't hold well, but it's been a few weeks. It's been on the freeway, thru rain, and touchless carwashes with no signs of it coming loose.
  13. Sorry, had the tint shop do it. I'll try and find out the product next time I'm over there.
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