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  1. V4 to V8 'Squeak'

    Dale_K My exhaust was replace once already under warranty. The new one has the same issue. The dealer should replace yours as well. I did notice that the loaners I was given did not have this issue. Both were '16 Silverados.
  2. V4 to V8 'Squeak'

    I have the same squeaking sounds on my 16 Silverado. It's due to the exhaust valve closing improperly and forcing exhaust back into the muffler and out thru the drain hole in the exhaust. The dealer has replaced my exhaust once already and that has not fixed the issue. They tell me there is nothing they can do because it's a design issue. This is all after 75% of the truck had to be repainted due to factory paint imperfections. Traded my '14 for this '16 big mistake so far.

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