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  1. Nice thank you...yeah they look really clean and low profile.
  2. That looks super clean! What steps are those? Thank you
  3. Any rubbing with just the 5100's for lift in the front? I'm debating lowering mine back down by getting rid of my RC spacer I have on the top in addition to the 5100's. Currently have 285/70/R17 which is 32.76 supposedly.
  4. I had trifecta on my 2015 Colorado and made a huge difference. I got the Diablo for my 2016 5.3 Silverado and was nowhere near as noticeable of difference. I'm tempted to try BlackBear since they address more areas and specific to your vehicle.
  5. I want to know if we can custom fit a 10w6v3 in the back of the center console facing back. Don't really care about losing the space in the console but under the rear seat I use. 1 10tw1 in the center I feel won't be enough bass for me.
  6. How did you get to the bolts without taking the seats out?
  7. Hood is cool but unfortunately can pretty much buy all that stuff yourself right now for way less than you could from them. Unless they fully warrantied the SC. I don't know why all their truck concepts are so neutered. Manual AWD 6.2 SC Reg cab would be sweet!
  8. How much did you have to modify the BD hood mounts to work? I just was looking at them last night and said I believe 07-13 silverados. Thanks!
  9. Do you have to cut back the fender liners? I noticed they may hang down a bit after removing the air dam. Thanks!
  10. It rides way better, firm but not harsh. Totally happy with the 5100's instead of waiting for who knows how long for the 6112's. I'm not sure to be exact on the top spacer width...I planned on using both top and bottom to get 2.25" but the installer recommended the way I went. Don't regret it at all. The Bilsteins are at the top 1.85" setting. The truck is actually exactly level at 40" front and rear on drivers side. With the airbags I can easily keep level or raise a bit if needed. I prefer the look I have to adding any height in the rear. The airbags actually raised it an inch due to the minimum 5psi but all worked out.
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