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  1. Came across this thread in search of replacing my Katec Covers. My overall impression of them is Meh. Finish. Terribly rough and sand blasting/filing is a must. Coil relocation kit is extremely overpriced for what it is back coils are damn near impossible to tighten down properly due to firewall. Fit on an L83 truck is hard but not impossible. Can't use the Elite Engineering Clean Side Oil Separator without some heavy modifying. Really eyeing the Holley low rise valve covers and using the ls adapters by ICT Billet. Elite Engineering do
  2. 23258406 The inner part is actually not the same. The AT is what I call Black Chrome (darker) and there are 4 vertical supports behind the cross bars SLE and T are 6. Sorry to necromance this topic.
  3. Yes the Springs are now attached to the rear axle UNDER the tubes instead of OVER from the factory. I call it flipped lol. Thanks for the info! Much appreciated!
  4. Sorry to resurrect a dead thread. But all I saw. I have a 2017 RCSB 4x4 that is lowered 4/6 so the rear axle is flipped. (yeah I know I lowered a 4x4) Will this work? also any point on getting the front sway-bar as well?
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