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  1. I don’t have my truck with me , but the BDS component here looks very close to the Fox one thats on the truck . The truck has a BDS lift form Tuscany .
  2. Early November I received a letter from Tuscany Motors on my 2021 Silverado notifying me of a Safety Recall . “ Accelerated corrosion and wear on the General Motors ball joint in the front upper control arm can result in premature ball joint failure and the affected front wheel separating while the vehicle is in motion “ The letter went on with their remedy ….. ” A Tuscany affiliated General Motors dealer will install upgraded front upper control arms manufactured by Fox Factory , which include stronger and less corrosion-susceptible ball joints than originally installed by GM , free of charge . “ Tuscany was super to deal with . After the phone call , the parts were delivered to me . An appointment was made at my dealer and today the work was done . There’s a HUGE difference between the stock and the Fox arms . I thought my Silverado drove perfect before the install , it’s Very nice now . Im wondering how many folks have lifted their trucks and not done the arms on their half ton trucks ?
  3. https://www.tuscanymotorco.com/chevy-zrx-gallery
  4. I did not . It came from Tuscany Motors exactly how you see it there .
  5. I have one . It’s Awesome , no Drone , nice sound .
  6. I just figured out the CarPlay ...... for some reason , I had it off on my phone . Today using waze , my speed was right on between truck and waze .
  7. Just picked it up . Tuscany Edition ZRX . That 6.2 is very nice . Coming from a 2017 Silverado 2500 , that had the 6.0 .
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