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  1. I just figured out the CarPlay ...... for some reason , I had it off on my phone . Today using waze , my speed was right on between truck and waze .
  2. Just picked it up . Tuscany Edition ZRX . That 6.2 is very nice . Coming from a 2017 Silverado 2500 , that had the 6.0 .
  3. One was already installed on my Tuscany ZRX edition . It seems to work perfectly.
  4. Just another option , Memphis Audio SA 110spd was installed in my truck when I found out that the Kicker I bought was for the Double cab . It makes the factory system sound 100 times better ! Fits under the seat nice and clean too !
  5. I've seen in Blue on the web in places .... looks real nice
  6. What Tailgate handle is that ? I need one of them
  7. Gents , Looks like the one I bought from a member here just a week ago , is for a crew cab ! My bad . So , I have one for sale ! Same deal I got ....
  8. Just what I'm looking to do ! Alignment after the crank ?
  9. Bought the 2016 right ..... So " TRADE IN " and the dealers help , with incentives and timing , all came together .
  10. It may be as you say . Its not like the NEW Nanny governed motors that the 1500 forums here are trying to FIX with "delete this " and "delete that " "shut this off " ..................... All the car manufactures can build a dependable vehicle , BUT with all the gas saving , weight saving , and emission crap ... its all lost in the computer aspect of these cars and trucks . If i have to spend $$$ on a car , and each year there costing more , the last thing i want to worry about is knowing my dealers service dept names and how many kids they have ....... not that theres anything wro
  11. ... after reading the manual , looks like there may be a bulb out from the factory . oh well
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