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  1. if you want to keep your current steering wheel but want a new leather wrap.try this product it is called Wheelskins.i have used them before on my 69 chevelle steering wheel.it came out looking very sharp and it won't break the bank.here is the link http://wheelskins.com
  2. you would obviously would have to take the wheel apart.but i would think all you would have to do is switch the wires from the button.you might have to lengthen the wires to do this.but i think it can be done.
  3. This is a GM concept truck and all those part are GM not from a vendor.There are hopes that this truck would go into production for the 2018 year.If so you should see this truck by at least early March.GM has done this in the past shown something at SEMA and released it early the next year.When that happens you will be able to order the parts thru GM.I am crossing my fingers as i want the cowl hood for my 2016 1500.
  4. wow this is the best iPad integration with the stock system i have seen.great job..... now if you wanted to take this to the next level.Would be to remove the factory screen completely and use the iPad for both.so on the iPad you could switch between factory touch screen setting and then back to the standard iPad functions.Or would this be hard to do? Also the your system would work great with GM's 4G data plan.if you like stream a lot of video
  5. thanks man looking forward to see your write up.
  6. i know i am taking a little shit but pics with words helps sooo much.i have been wanting to do this mod since i bought my truck last year.i have the LTZ trim and was surprised that i did not have them. so let me understand, is this available on other lineups like Tahoe or Suburban of same model year?if so it just a matter of ordering the wiring harness and a simple install?
  7. ok enough talk...lets see some pics of this in action.
  8. to each his own.... i would buy this if I seen it on the lot.badass looking truck.
  9. any one seen or own one of these? https://www.callawaycars.com/homepage/cars/callaway-c19-sporttruck/
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