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  1. 2500 hd but it would not make any difference.......Same deal with 1500.......Too short to be effective
  2. The Weathertech front flaps BLOW. Waaay too short to block anything. I had to add 4 inches of rubber below them to get any protection at all.
  3. 37 k OTD for 2016 Silverado 2500hd LT double cab with spray bed liner. Great customer experience
  4. I ONLY negotiate with OTD prices.......Makes things real simple.
  5. 50 psi in tires when not loaded really improves the ride
  6. FWIW....Just watched Motorweek and they state Dodge is at the top of the HD heap.......I would probably try one but I can't get past the bed is only 6'4". Too short for me. Great power but as one would expect, poor mileage.
  7. I hear you......I just flat refuse to spend my money on rushed to market crap.
  8. Nothing! Until some manufacturer ups it's game in quality and presentation and value. I will drive my current POS until it dies or I die.......Anything newer than my 2016 will have more crap on it than mine does thus just more likely to break.
  9. I think he is right........These new trucks have too much crap on them and lots of it breaks. My last good truck was my 04 2500. My 2016 feels like I am driving a wad of tin foil with technology. Won't buy another.....
  10. Yea, that's in the paint. Either new paint or moldings back on.
  11. I have heard this is normal. Just a function of the HD fwd
  12. Force those a-holes to go for a ride with you or have a passenger video the event for you
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