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  1. Best muffler with headers

    cherry bombs......
  2. GM Invests In Silverado and Sierra Assembly Plant

    Cheap cheap cheap is the new mantra of GM. My 2016 2500 isn't as good as my 2004 was.......I'm done
  3. The only thing keeping me from buying a Ram right now is the stupid 6'4" bed!!!!! Who does that? Can someone explain this to me? 6'6" in the chevy is barely enough bed!
  4. I consider 40 hp quite significant
  5. My 2004 Silverado had a much nicer interior and better build quality than my 2016 2500..........I'm going backwards in quality. My next truck will NOT be GM!
  6. The horrible gas mileage is because the ram makes a LOT more horsepower. Pick your poison........Power or mileage
  7. I'd buy a ram in a minute if they made a 6foot 6bed......What the hell is 6 foot 4 worth?
  8. Best tire PSI?

    50 all the way around.....best ride but still not going to ride like a Cadillac
  9. I have purchased my last GM vehicle. Are you listening, Mary?
  10. You guys wanting more electronic shit crack me up. I want LESS ELECTRONIC nanny shit on my vehicles. Adaptive cruise? Give me an effing break. I can hardly keep the dam thing out of the dealership for all the codes it likes to throw. Some of you guys don't need a truck.....you need to go back to your beamers and imported shit so you can get all the electronic crap you seem to need.
  11. Just another little niggly error core .....p0449 or something like that. Evap emissions code. Under warranty so no cost but a pita logistically. My o4 2500 NEVER went to the dealer in the 14 years I owned it. Just aggravating. After warranty is over I am sure I will be driving around with cel on.
  12. Remote Start Activation

    Yes, but doesn't it only run for like 12 minutes? Thought I remembered that. I went aftermarket and set the run time to 45 minutes. I want it toasty when I get in!

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