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  1. Remote Start Activation

    Yes, but doesn't it only run for like 12 minutes? Thought I remembered that. I went aftermarket and set the run time to 45 minutes. I want it toasty when I get in!
  2. A Look Inside: 2020 Silverado Revealed In Flint

    I'm sorry but ugly assed front end. I wonder how much taller it is than my already too tall 2016 2500?
  3. What did you pay for your truck?

    Damn, I paid 20k less than any number here on my 2016 LT 2500 strippo pos. Feel like I stole it.
  4. Yes.....there was a wire pulled out of one of the abs sensors. Nothing serious and by the time I got home from the dealer they called me and told me to come pick it up----done
  5. Paid 37 for my 2016 2500 crew cab LT
  6. Still doesn't change the driving dynamic though
  7. Sorry....Don't know how to link but it's the Jan 2019 issue. They rip it on horrible ride quality and sub-standard interior materials.
  8. In a compare the Silverado came in last, big time. When will Chevy up their game in all aspects? Embarrassing
  9. 6.0 gas........First thing was Service 4wd message.....dealer replaced the module and all was well driving home. The very next time I used the truck was a road trip up north last week and upon startup I get the following messages-service trailer brakes, stabilitrak, ABS light comes on along with Mr Squiggly traction control light. I suspect an abs sensor which is simple but geeze.....does it ever end? My old truck never saw the shop in 12 years. Not putting off good vibes and it's all because of all the nanny shit they keep adding to these vehicles. When the warranty expires there's going to be lots of warning lights with electrical tape illuminated.
  10. Before this truck I had a 2004 2500HD and it was underpowered but operated flawlessly. My 2016 has been in the shop twice so far under warranty and is beginning to erode my confidence. It has 16000 miles. I just don't have a lot of confidence in this truck in the long term. I attribute this to all of the electronic BS that is being integrated into the new vehicles. No more GM for me, Mary.......
  11. WTF......Just got my truck back from the dealer for service 4wd message and my first road trip I get the above message. Anyone have any info on this. I suspect an ABS sensor gone bad. What say you?
  12. More ridiculous nanny shit.......Accidents happen..........Let them be.........You will not be doing the actual driving before long.....Take that to the bank
  13. I just had this happen on my 2016 2500hd. It's a bad 4wd module where the wires enter the module. Replaced module and everything is fine now. It's now a fairly well known fix for dealers I am told.
  14. Greasing Ball Joints

    If you don't see a little grease coming out.......you haven't put enough in...........period

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