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  1. You can wait all you want clown....Ain't gonna happen.......I need to prove nothing to you....These trucks suck.........
  2. I don't need any credibility from you or anyone else. No rot on your vehicles? Must be that magic fairy dust you use on yours.
  3. I compare my truck to any of the Subaru or Toyota vehicles I have/had. At 10-13 years old the undercarriage and suspension components still look like new. On my GM truck the brake lines will have had to be replaced already and God help you if you need to replace any suspension components. It has been mentioned MANY times how the trucks are showing undercarriage rust while still on the dealer lot.
  4. You can reject all you want.......You are not relevant to this conversation 55 years of automotive experience tells me everything I need to know. These things are rust pigs
  5. This is my 2nd time around with 2500HD's and damn the undercarriage protection is just ******........pure ******. I give up on GM products. I have oiled the undercarriage and taken such steps as painting the undercarriage when it was new and capping off the holes in the frame. Same old rusty result. I'd like to drive this thing up Mary Barra's ass........
  6. Because it's the worst POS design I have seen in 50 years of DIY maintenance. What do I need the junction block on top for? Just another opportunity for a bad connection
  7. If it's REAL windy outside you are going to get either a high or low pressure area outside of your windows depending on wind direction. It's flexing the window frame. If that's the only time it occurs then you don't have a problem. If it happens all the time then you need a weatherstrip adjustment.
  8. I would like to move my battery to the alternate battery tray already installed up front. Does anyone make a retrofit kit with cable extensions, etc? I know I can do it myself but if something already exists I would rather go that route. What is the purpose of that plastic junction box mounted on top of the battery? That's a pita and I'm not really sure of it's function. Thanks
  9. Any dipshit tech should know that trucks still come with zerks. It's not in their best interest to grease them when you have to come back for unit replacement.
  10. I've purchased my last 2500......for all the reasons listed above.....
  11. You created your own problems by insisting that all those parts be replaced. The more invasive the repair the more residual issues you are likely to have.
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