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  1. You created your own problems by insisting that all those parts be replaced. The more invasive the repair the more residual issues you are likely to have.
  2. Use the pax door window switch, not the master
  3. These trucks are cheap and outdated....Not to mention underpowered. Chevy most of my adult life but no more for me.....Suck it Mary.......
  4. I won't do another GM vehicle......I certainly wouldn't trust that lemon, sadly.
  5. Only way to improve mileage is to leave it parked.....Really. Chips don't work. Trans reprograming doesn't make much of a diff. It just is what it is. I wish I had my old 2004 back, too.
  6. I run all my tires at 50 psi unless lots of tongue weight. Not perfect, but much better ride.
  7. Put it on America's Got Talent............
  8. Any system that you don't have to re-activate every 12 minutes! What a crock. I have mine set for 45 minutes. I like a thoroughly defrosted truck
  9. 2500 hd but it would not make any difference.......Same deal with 1500.......Too short to be effective
  10. The Weathertech front flaps BLOW. Waaay too short to block anything. I had to add 4 inches of rubber below them to get any protection at all.
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