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  1. Can't disagree with anything you have said here..... I don't think anyone is doing a good job on their trucks right now. It's like they realize the are going to sell them no matter what they do so why bother to make a better product? It's cheaper to just put out a mediocre product.
  2. Ok....fwiw, the newest truck in that group is a 2010......Probably have that solved by now. I had a 1998 Subaru Outback that turned the body to dust but the undercarriage was like new. Same with my x's Toyota. Look at the guys with gm products that are complaining at the time they take delivery that component rust is excessive and if you live in the northern states it's going downhill fast from there.
  3. Pick your poison on one of the new marques.......Find a nice dry country used, older one.........I don't think waiting for something better to come around is going to yield any positive results, soooo.........If you buy new I personally would not expect to hold onto it for very long as the undercarriage begins to rust to death in a very short time. Regionally dependent, to some extent. As much as I hate to say it, imported trucks fare much better in terms of undercarriage rust.
  4. Never had any issues with my 04 in the 12 years that I owned it...........4 dealer visits with my 2016.............You do the math genius........
  5. Pure snake oil BS.......If your cooling system is operating properly you don't need that crap.......If you think you need it, something's wrong......
  6. Silverado is outdated cheap crap........My 2004 was much better than my 2016 2500........I honestly don't think there's a good truck out there right now. Ford is crap.....Dodge is good looking crap....When Turdota gets it shit together, if ever, I think they will have a winner. No-one is really putting any effort into trucks right now. It's all about cost cutting and it shows. Bad time to buy a truck. If you have a nice, older truck, I would hold on to it until a better effort is proffered.
  7. GM vehicles BLOW when it comes to underbody protection. After a few years the body still looks great but the underbody looks like it's 100 years old while my import vehicles look like new underneath after 15 years. GM just blows
  8. There is no way they are going to let you buy a new tailgate to fit to your old truck!
  9. First it was the cutouts in the rear bumper now it's the fancy tailgate. They sure are tracking the age demographic of us old guys. Too bad the truck is so ****ing tall I can't get the the wiper blades off to remove the arms to remove the cowl panel to check for mice unless I get a fancy over the engine creeper. Driver side is easy but passenger.........no way can I reach.
  10. Cheap cheap cheap is the new mantra of GM. My 2016 2500 isn't as good as my 2004 was.......I'm done
  11. The only thing keeping me from buying a Ram right now is the stupid 6'4" bed!!!!! Who does that? Can someone explain this to me? 6'6" in the chevy is barely enough bed!
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