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  1. Fog lites

    They're already installed. I just need them programmed.
  2. Fog lites

    I had one dealer quote me $130 and one quote me $180
  3. SiriusXM radio on RST model

    I just stream from my phone
  4. Yes...because GM is an ****. They want to charge you an additional $100+ to have them programmed on top of the $200+ cost of the kit on a truck that should have come with them in the first place. They are LED
  5. Well I'm sure the 2020s aren't going to look any different.
  6. I ended up changing my wheels. I had the CK162 replicas, but didn't really like having the spacers up front. Ended up going with the honeycombs like I had on my 2017. They fit fine, but just barely 😎 That's a weird angle...not sure why they look so small 😂
  7. Okay...so I was correct. I just couldn't pull it up enough to see underneath to see where the wire needed to go. I couldn't tell from the top either.
  8. I noticed a connector in mine. The one under the hood had me all kinds of confused. Like do I run the wire up underneath? Plus what I had taken apart, didn't look like the diagram.
  9. Just follow the video step by step and make sure you have plenty of light.
  10. Absolutely love that new body style. I hope they stick with it.
  11. I changed my chrome to painted covers and it was amazing to me how fragile the tabs were on the chrome covers. They just fell off with little to no force. I ended up trashing them.

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