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  1. https://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php The more I read answers and suggestions, the more confident I'm getting with new acquired knowledge about oil/filter changes in my truck. The link above, simply fantastic! Thank you all for your comments/suggestions!
  2. https://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php The more I read answers and suggestions, the more confident I'm getting with new adquired knowledge about oil/filter changes in my truck. The link above, simply fantastic! Thank you all for your comments/suggestions!
  3. More good comments from you all. I am so thankful, you guys opinions and experiences are putting me at ease in this "black oil" issue. · One of the things I will not do is to "Flush the engine". General consensus is just do not do it! · All comments have been important and I am considering now Amsoil engine oil brand. · Also, I just find out about Blackstone labs and requested a kit to have oil checked by this lab. I will keep you posted it about the results from the lab. I have to say also about my "5K miles" oil change. I've been following my dashboard "Driver Info Console" Oil Life Remaining as a reference w/o paying close attention to true mileage. Since Chevrolet recommends replacing oil every 7.5K miles, I thought, I was changing oil about 5K miles...or 30% to 40% OIL LIFE REMAINING on the "Driver Info Console" indicator. How many miles does it take to go from 100% to 0% oil life. According to Chevy, it differs. The compute measures all kinds of indicators such as engine revolution and miles traveled and Engine hours…whatever comes first, as they say. So, in reality, appears to me I've been changing oil every 3K miles or so. From now on, I will log miles and Engine Hours for accuracy. Thanks to all again.
  4. wow! Lots of good info. Thank you to all. I think I will change oil brand. Same specs but different brand. I am wondering what your thoughts are about "flushing with detergent" current oil right before next oil change. I have never pay any attention to the engine hours in between oil changes. That's a bit of info I will keep track from now on. Although I do not stay idling for too long at all at any giving time, still, I think is a very good info to keep records of between oil changes. .
  5. Does not smell like fuel. Smells like burnt oil. I do not drive long distances. Maybe 3 to 6 miles per day and during some weekends, maybe 20 to 30. I have motorcycles so weather permitting; I run my errand riding my bikes. I use Sync DEXOS 5-30 Mobil. Change filters when I change oil. I use WIX filters.
  6. Thanks for the quick comments. My wife has an Acura MDX with 50K miles and her vehicle is service and oil change with OEM Honda oil. The oil in her truck is clean. Mine, it is not. Attaching picture of side by side "oil stick" The one on the right and skinnier and shorter in the picture is mine. Also, I am attaching pictures of the engine oil cap for my truck with oil type requirement and the container of the oil I use to service my truck. Please feel free to add more comments and suggestions.
  7. Greetings to all. I have a 2015 Silverado LS 4.3 V6 with 29K miles. I have changed engine oil every 5K miles. Do not follow the "Oil Life" Indicator/Monitor. Always have changed oil within 5K miles. Here is my issue. Fresh new oil turns black almost immediately after I changed. It is driving me crazy!! Does anyone has a suggestion why this happen or better yet, how to prevented it? Thanks in advance for any comment. Louis
  8. Thanks Codman67, Dealer's Parts Dept, request a VIN. Today, what I'm doing is looking for used trucks for sale. Some for sales ads, have VINs. Then, I see if they have Power Seats (No heated or Memory seats, just power seats)...then, using those VINs, call a few dealers to see how far I go.
  9. Reading this thread inspired me to replace my manual seats in my 2015 Silverado LS for Power Seats. Only thing is I don’t know how to order the wiring harness. I was told, "There is no simple harness to add for the seats. You cannot even order one. GM orders through the VIN number and you will just keep getting the original harness. The harness in question as the one I replaced in the cab. It runs throughout the cab. This is all to keep people from doing exactly what you want to do. GM wants you to buy a loaded truck from them" So, I am wondering if anyone here in this forum has a Silverado from '14 to '18 with 10 Ways Power Seats but no Heated and/or Memory seats...if you could share a VIN so I could order the harness based on that VIN....or, advice on how to do this bypassing the GM harness ordering. In advance, thank you.
  10. Still, right now, you could apply to a Credit Union and get a much better rate. I use one is called Digital Federal Credit Union. I think their rate today is 3.49% And there is one for the military or family of the military called Pentagon Federal Credit Union. For new vehicles, 1.99%...can't beat that.
  11. If your FICO score is 830, you could get a much better rate with a Credit Union. Many credit unions online have less than 3.5 % APR.
  12. Hey Ryan, Sad story. I am thinking what to do in your case.Wondering if returning the truck is out of the question. If I could, I'll leave the truck for them to figure it out how to match the issue of the seats and please don't tell me that they understood that you wanted only the leather seats exactly as they come from the factory. How about a call to GM customer service to voice your dissatisfaction and their sales-tactics-scheme. I have learned that I should never take a vehicle out of the dealers location until I was 100% satisfied with everything I wanted and all their promises.
  13. Have a 2015 Silverado LS. Planning to get a 2019 truck at the end of early next year. In my mind, have two options. Silverado or F-150. Waiting to see reviews to try to make the smart decision.
  14. My last vehicle purchase was Sep 2015. I got a deal and among other things, because I financed with GM they gave me $1500 off...but, as soon as I find out the GM loan account number, I paid it off with a Credit Union loan with much much lower finance cost. Now, they are requesting at least 3 months payment at their rate...so, what to do to get the "Financing with GM" deal?...take the deal and paid off the loan minus first 3 months difference with a loan to other financial institution and I am sure the new financial institution will wait up to those 3 months to get their title if that's what they do in your state. My Credit Union, gives me 60 days to send the title with a lien under their name.
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