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  1. Just an update: Finally got my truck back yesterday. They used the old cover and threaded the piece of piping that fell out back into it. I wound up with a new cushion and a new “cooler” for my seat. He mentioned that the old cooler has some sort of bag that was torn during assembly/disassembly which they replaced. Basically it was causing cold air to not come up through the bottom of the seat. So all seems to be well. It just took much longer than I was expecting.
  2. Appreciate the input. Hopefully they'll be done with my baby this weekend. They gave me a "custom" model 2019 Chevy Crew Cab with 5 miles on it as a loaner. What a piece of garbage! Clunky, no power, weak amenities. The ONLY thing I like more about it is the Driver Information Center, they got that right.
  3. Thank you for that reply. I haven't had an opportunity to check the 18's on the lot at the dealership. That makes me feel better. At least I know that they did their homework.
  4. Received a call from my service consultant yesterday. He states that they went as far as to contact GM directly regarding the replacement and how they cannot find a replacement part with leather on all sides. GM told him that they now only offer that style as there were too many complaints about a noise made from the leather rubbing against the center console (?). Options given were to have them leave the replacement and they would order another for the passenger side to make them match or they would try and reinsert the plastic piping that fell out of my old cover. I opted for them to replace the piping and put my old cover back on the truck. I called today to get an update, he said that the cushion they replaced has 1 time use clips that break when you remove the cushion to fit the cover around it, so they now will be ordering another cushion to put my old cover back around. I have included a photo of what I mean by the "piping". There is a rigid piece of plastic in this spot that actually fell out of the rear of the seat (somehow worked it's way out). I truly believe there is a difference in the grades of leather that are used in the Denali's vs. the SLT and other models. The only way I can explain it is, Denali leather feels "tighter" and more like a sportscar seat. Not soft and pillow like, like what they tried to replace it with.
  5. They have a few of my truck on the lot but 2018 models (Sierra Denali Ultimate Package). I will check one of those to verify whether or not it has cloth on the side. Thank you for the response.
  6. Thank you for this reply. On the order sheet, they did replace the cushion as well. So I was lucky in that regard. Do you know where I can do or how I can confirm whether or not a different type of leather was used? I wish I could find the ACTUAL part replacement number that came with my truck. I read a lot about "Nuance Leather" that came with the 2017 Denali Trucks and it was in their original brochure as well. Thank you!
  7. This was my issue...fluid...yes FLUID. No more shake/shudder in my 17 Denali. https://ww7.oemdtc.com/8737/shake-and-or-shudder-during-light-throttle-acceleration-between-25-and-80-mph-40-and-128-km-h-at-a-steady-state-2015-2018-cadillac-chevrolet-gmc
  8. Just FYI, I have a 2017 Sierra Denali with 6.2L engine. I had shake/shudder issues at low and high speeds. Felt like I would randomly hit a rumble strip, even on smooth pavement. The issue? Transmission fluid. That's right, took it to the dealership, they verified it by a ride with the service manager. They flushed 3x and filled with a new fluid that takes the shudder/shake away. Been riding smooth ever since. I hope this helps. https://ww7.oemdtc.com/8737/shake-and-or-shudder-during-light-throttle-acceleration-between-25-and-80-mph-40-and-128-km-h-at-a-steady-state-2015-2018-cadillac-chevrolet-gmc
  9. Hello all, I have a 2017 Sierra Denali w Ultimate Package that I purchased new from GMC dealership in Galveston, TX. After about 28,000 miles a piece of plastic piping came out of the front driver seat lower cover. I took it in for warranty replacement and they replaced the entire cushion and seat cover. The issue I'm having is the seat cover that they replaced the old one with is OBVIOUSLY not the same grade of leather as originally came in my Denali. As a matter of fact, where my original seat cover had leather on all lower sides, the new replacement even has cloth on the side that faces the console. Can someone help me to identify the proper part number replacement for this cover so I can let the dealership know? They said that they got the part from my VIN number but there is no way that this is the same quality leather that was originally installed. The original leather was much tighter...you can look at the seat back against the lower replacement and it is obvious there is a difference in the leather type that was used. I would appreciate any guidance anyone here can give or even if a GM specialist could chime in, any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Try the BT220A model. That’s the one I have. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. The one you linked is E series. They’re more expensive because they are electronic roll up. Mine is the A series manual roll up aluminum cover. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. It wasn’t full retail. Most local installers prices are going to vary. I think I paid $12-$1300 installed.
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