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  1. It took hours any many revisions to fix the driveline clunk issue I experienced. It is a combination of upshift and downshift scheduling problems, torque converter lock up and unlock at the wrong times, desired output torque factor issues, torque adder issues, stall torque management, tip-in torque management, limit torque management, torque reduction, and more. Basically the stock tune is commanding too much of everything at the wrong times. Mine shifts like butter at part throttle and is nice and crisp at WOT. The way it should of been from the factory.
  2. No. I am having a "tight converter" condition, not a cam retard issue. My tune has 7 degrees of cam retard that starts at 3800 RPM. (2 to 7 from 3800 to 6300). It has been spot on in all the logs.
  3. Any tuning issues with yours? Especially when coming to a stop? (Driveline clang).
  4. This was final results. 28 degrees of timing and wouldn't make more at 30. On E85. It's all she's got.
  5. Man there were a bunch of issues. Transmission shifting all wrong from harsh engagement, long shift times, shifting st wrong RPM/MPH, the list goes on and on... With engine the idle was set to high, it would die at stop signs, it ran rough at a idle and would vibrate the whole truck, it would surge at cruising speeds, herky jerky taking off, and much more. All frustrating and expensive.
  6. Update: First tuner couldn't refine all my quirky issues. I then purchased a HP Tuner MPVI and starting working with a remote tuner, that didn't go well. So at my 3rd tuner now and truck is being tuned by #3. I have spent way too much on tuning and not real happy with some folks. These newer trucks are a completely different animal and a bunch different than the LS stuff. I will update once I get it back hopefully this week from #3. Here is link to my current tuners site. He has one of the baddest dyno's in the country! https://dbrhighperformance.com/services/dyno-tuning/
  7. If anyone is trading in their jalopy for a new 19 and have a Corsa catback you want to sell hit me up. Thanks
  8. Definitely one of the best things I did on my truck!
  9. Dyno - 409 HP and 426 TQ on 93 octane and Mustang Dyno. Torque reading looks all over the place. He got 1-4 shifts spot on. Not happy about my clunk in drive-line, more noticeable now with bigger cam. Believe it will go back to tuner for some more refinement.
  10. Correct add sensor in fuel line and connect it with truck harness. The harness connector is on drivers side frame rail by transmission cross member.
  11. Thanks I was aware of how to turn traction control and StabiliTrack off. Video was me just playing around. I understand the concern on the driveshaft too. Thing to note is a crew cab 2WD truck has a considerably longer driveshaft than the crew cab 4WD truck like mine. I am planning on a two piece conversion in the near future. Thanks
  12. Parts List I purchased from BTR for cam swap. GEN V CAM INSTALL KIT Choose Crank Bolt: Wet Sump LT (standard snout) - 11547372 Fuel Pump Lash Cap: No Choose Phaser Kit: LT1 Phaser Kit - Comp 5456 BTR87686 1 $143.95 BTR GEN V LT1/LT4/L83/L86 CAM KIT VCK/07/7850312/8146 1 $765.00 BTR GEN V DOD / AFM DELETE KIT GENVDOD 1 $424.20 DOD / AFM Valley Cover Options: 1 x CBI STREETCARS GEN IV/V DOD OIL BLOCK OFF PLUGS (set of 8) $0.00 CBI/OBO (Optional) Add New Gen V Valley Cover Gasket: 1 x CHEVROLET PERFORMANCE GEN V VALLEY COVER GASKET (LT1/LT4) - 12623104 $4.25 12623104 Head Bolts / Studs: 1 x CHEVROLET PERFORMANCE GEN V LT1 HEAD BOLT KIT $0.00 GM/LT1/HBK Head Gaskets: 2 x CHEVROLET PERFORMANCE LT1 HEAD GASKET - 12659260 $0.00 12659260 Header Gaskets: 2 x CHEVROLET PERFORMNCE GEN V HEADER GASKET (LT1) - 12657093 $0.00 12657093 Lifters: 1 x CHEVROLET PERFORMANCE LS7 LIFTERS (set of 16) 12499225 $120.00 12499225 Lifter Guides: 4 x CHEVROLET PERFORMANCE 07+ LIFTER TRAYS 12595365 $0.00 12595365 BTR GRAY SHIRT, 2XL BTRGRAYSHIRT012XL 1 $0.01 Subtotal $1,333.16 Shipping & Handling $0.00 Discount (BTR2018NOVEMBER) -$133.32 Grand Total $1,199.84 (2) Gallons Dex-Cool 50/50 (8) Qt 10W-30 ZZ-OIL-COMP Break In Oil (1) 10152 Lucas Assembly Lube (1) TT Racing Black Billet Catch Can (1) 12909 Magnaflow Muffler (1) Taylor 92045 Firepower 9mm Spark Plug Wires (8) 41-114 AC Delco Iridium Spark Plugs (12) AMsoil Synthetic Transmission Fluid (1) Transmission Filter Kit (1) Transmission Pan Gasket (1) 3rd Cat delete I installed TSP Headers and catted mid-pipe but removed after two days of driving. Was not a fan of all the extra exhaust leak sounds and how extremely loud my daily would become. So I removed headers and installed factory manifolds and mid-pipe but modified the 3rd cat. I have requested a return from TSP on headers. If I don't get anywhere I will have those up for sale if anyone is interested.
  13. Sorry about that I thought I had updated. Title changed now. I used a Comp Limiter, did not delete VVT.
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