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  1. Fuel Injectors ?

    Sorry dude but the spark plug gap doesn't get "smashed" from carbon build up. If spark plug gap is truly "smashed" you have a mechanical failure of some sort. I am not buying that explanation.
  2. 6.2L Engine Tick

    Yea not bad, but not good. Catch Can is good idea IMO.
  3. 6.2L Engine Tick

    Before the High Pressure Fuel Pump my loudest tick was right 1500 RPM tapering off to 1800 RPM. I still have a slight ticking noise but it is very faint and is loudest at 1000 RPM. You can barely hear it now and now inside the cab you can't hear it at all with the windows up. If windows are down and going thru drive thru you can hear the fuel system but it is much quieter. Before I would shut my engine off going thru a drive-thru. These pumps are definitely shit.
  4. 6.2L Engine Tick

    I have looked at pump and only see a small amount of wear on the spring side. Nothing really sticks showing a failure. When I ordered it did have an updated part number. Maybe they changed the design and have made it quieter. I know when you ran my truck to a 2016+ newer truck they were much quieter and you could not hear the ticking that mine did.
  5. 6.2L Engine Tick

    No I don't have a catch can and will be doing a top engine cleaner and then add one soon. My valves were dirty but not horrible for almost 60K. am still considering doing a Texas Speed Cam and AFM elimination. If I go that route I will re-work the heads.
  6. 6.2L Engine Tick

    Here is pic of bolt with aluminum threads all around it from over tightening.
  7. 6.2L Engine Tick

    Had to install a longer bolt in head that secure the fuel line bracket as it was stripped out by dealer when they installed the new lifters. I can't believe how incompetent Dealer Techs are. I never did that kind of work when I turned a wrench at Dealership for 15 years. Ugh!
  8. 6.2L Engine Tick

    Install New Pump, gasket, bolts, and fuel line.
  9. 6.2L Engine Tick

    Fuel Pump Plug: Use this to ensure cam is in the down position so that you can tighten new fuel pump down without damaging.
  10. 6.2L Engine Tick

    Old vs New High Pressure Fuel Pump

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