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  1. Leave the can in the sun. Shake well....
  2. Plastidip: You can remove it if you don't like it.....
  3. Step 1: Go to Home Depot/Lowes and buy a few cans of expandable spray foam Step 2: Remove bumper Step 3: Build junction boxes for access to license plate lights and/if you have sensors Step 4: Fill bumper with expandable spray foam Step 5: Install access covers for lighting/sensors Step 6: Re-install bumper Step 7: Drink a beer and admire your work and to celebrate no more snow in your rear bumper
  4. Are sure those are 275/50R-18? That would make those tire less than 29"....
  5. OP: It doesn't look like warping. It looks like something hit it. Stamped panels just don't "warp". My guess is sometime after production, during transport or while jammed into some cramped lot waiting for shipping. Hope you get satisfaction.
  6. Disappointed with 2019

    Why not? At the very least, the upper tier models should be. People don't buy the LTZ, SLT, Denali and High Country to use as a supply truck for their masonry company.....
  7. I wrapped the vinyl around and about a 1/4" behind the emblem. So when I reaffixed it to the frame, the vinyl has stayed tight. I have no marks on the vinyl.... but I do have a couple of small chips on the hood above the grill. Vinyl is pretty forgiving.
  8. The nice thing about Plastidip is if you get tired of the look, you can remove it. I have now had the lettering on about a year.... no issues. I don't abuse the letters when I wash the vehicle. One can did both doors and the tailgate lettering.
  9. It's plastidip. Tons of YouTube vids. Took me a couple of hours. 5 light coats, 10 minutes apart. 2 coats clear.
  10. So they are going to install Loctite to the bolt? And the owners have to lose their truck for a day while GM does this? WTG. Too bad these vehicles are not a Lexus. At least they would run the vehicle through the car was and vacuum the interior.....
  11. My Replacement LTZ Z71

    Congrats on the new truck! Black. Imagine that! I think I see a dirty spot! Keep everyone updated on the hit and run idiot.....
  12. You can buy vinyl for like $6 at Amazon or EBay, if you don't need a different contrasting color. I left mine chrome, but could have just as easily painted the plastic. I removed both the front and rear emblems, drilled out the plastic fasteners, wrapped the bowtie emblems and 3M taped them back in.....
  13. Compound that with the reliability of the Ram (All Dodge), plus the fact that you would be lumped with all the other Dodge drivers who are ignorant on the road (only behind BMW drivers) and also, the front end still isn't right. No thanks. Ever since the 90's, I have chosen either a loaded Ford or Chevy. Why? Overall long term value. That's why.
  14. OK OP, which neighbor did you piss off? Sounds like someone is throwing rocks at your truck.

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