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  1. "How can they expect someone to drop $60,000 on a vehicle that shakes at 55 MPH?" Do what Sammy Hagar does. Don't drive 55.
  2. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    I guess you need to change your signature now.... I miss St. Pete as we moved from Pass-a-grille in 2011. I miss the weather, beach side food/drink/music and when the tourists leave.
  3. Maybe buff around where the plastidip is and do the tedious stuff by hand. That is what I do on my bike.
  4. Yes to the latest sentiment. To each their own. When someone posts they like the fuel economy of the 4.3 and then says they want to install 35's, something has to give. I too wanted the "look" of oversized tires but the more I read and slept on it, the more I didn't want to sacrifice the handling/comfort/performance I was getting. I don't go rock climbing.... more like beach driving. My tires are due and I will "settle" for an A/T tire in P265/70R18.
  5. But please! Tell us how you really feel! 😁
  6. Torque is what maters with 33's or 35's. Yeah, that's what I want. An underpowered, gas guzzling and slow 4x4. When I was truck shopping, I drove a GMC with a 4.3. Shifted constantly when taxed. Can't imagine with another couple hundred pounds around the axles.
  7. There are ozone treatments. You can buy one yourself on Amazon/EBay. My wife's car had leaves at the air intake under the hood that worked their way all the way down to the cabin filter. I had better luck running the A/C on high while spraying ozium or lysol than a fragrance. If moisture has been in the intake for awhile, then there could be mold...... I run recirculate in the humid summer months and fresh air during the low humidity winter weather.
  8. What tires to buy?

    MT ATZs are the epitome of "you get what you pay for".
  9. What tires to buy?

    OP: Do you go off the highway? Michelin LTX A/T2 might be a nice upgrade. 60, 000 mile warranty. Michelin LTX A/T2 or..... another vote for the Falken Wildpeak it come in a P tire or LT Winldpeak AT3W
  10. No. Went to catback duals. Straight back. I'm on my phone but think there is a pic in my profile.
  11. OP: I have the 12588, which is a 22" catback. The sound is wonderful but is more quiet than the 18" you are looking at. I bought the muffler through Amazon and had my local shop put it on. Muffler, tips, their piping..... Less than $400. One of the best mods I have done.
  12. GM Offers 18,000 Salaried Employees A Buyout

    Don't worry folks. When GM's profit margin falls and the customers are no longer choosing GM products, the company will then make adjustments. Doesn't anyone remember the 80's? You know, boxy cars and trucks that were replaced by Ford's soft-lined vehicles. It took GM forever to catch back up. Different decade but same mistakes again.
  13. Lower Ball Joint Bad

    The specs are online..... I think I searched fro my truck "front end torque specs".... https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/155408-factory-torque-specifications/
  14. Wouldn't doubt McMaster-Carr has some type of caps or something to fill the ends.....

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