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  1. Ummm. Did the both emblems in vinyl and all lettering in Plastidip. Spent an afternoon and $15.
  2. I must be poor. When Bambi ran out and totaled my 2004, I bought a 2-year old LT All Star. Am loving not having to pay new truck payments as my monthly payment probably dropped $200 bucks. I'll never buy a new truck again.... unless the Mrs. hits Power Ball.
  3. Silverado wasn't listed and is the "bulk" of GM truck's sales.
  4. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    I get out of the truck the same way I get in. Now heel doesn't slip... so I haven't "ate shit". Note: I have assist handles on each side.
  5. Fog lights w/ headlights

    When I see someone with fog lights on when it is clear, I ask myself, "where's the fog?". Oh yeah, it's a ego thing.
  6. Silver Ice Metallic paint fans

    Why not just go to your local Chevy dealer? They should have an exact match which you can find your color code on your sticker. Or, you can search here: https://www.genuinegmparts.com/collision-auto-body-parts/auto-paint-touch-up. If I was to buy a duplicolor, I'd do a test swatch and see for myself before painting any parts.
  7. "How can they expect someone to drop $60,000 on a vehicle that shakes at 55 MPH?" Do what Sammy Hagar does. Don't drive 55.
  8. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    I guess you need to change your signature now.... I miss St. Pete as we moved from Pass-a-grille in 2011. I miss the weather, beach side food/drink/music and when the tourists leave.
  9. Maybe buff around where the plastidip is and do the tedious stuff by hand. That is what I do on my bike.
  10. Yes to the latest sentiment. To each their own. When someone posts they like the fuel economy of the 4.3 and then says they want to install 35's, something has to give. I too wanted the "look" of oversized tires but the more I read and slept on it, the more I didn't want to sacrifice the handling/comfort/performance I was getting. I don't go rock climbing.... more like beach driving. My tires are due and I will "settle" for an A/T tire in P265/70R18.
  11. But please! Tell us how you really feel! 😁
  12. Torque is what maters with 33's or 35's. Yeah, that's what I want. An underpowered, gas guzzling and slow 4x4. When I was truck shopping, I drove a GMC with a 4.3. Shifted constantly when taxed. Can't imagine with another couple hundred pounds around the axles.
  13. There are ozone treatments. You can buy one yourself on Amazon/EBay. My wife's car had leaves at the air intake under the hood that worked their way all the way down to the cabin filter. I had better luck running the A/C on high while spraying ozium or lysol than a fragrance. If moisture has been in the intake for awhile, then there could be mold...... I run recirculate in the humid summer months and fresh air during the low humidity winter weather.
  14. What tires to buy?

    MT ATZs are the epitome of "you get what you pay for".

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