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  1. GM Offers 18,000 Salaried Employees A Buyout

    Don't worry folks. When GM's profit margin falls and the customers are no longer choosing GM products, the company will then make adjustments. Doesn't anyone remember the 80's? You know, boxy cars and trucks that were replaced by Ford's soft-lined vehicles. It took GM forever to catch back up. Different decade but same mistakes again.
  2. Lower Ball Joint Bad

    The specs are online..... I think I searched fro my truck "front end torque specs".... https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/155408-factory-torque-specifications/
  3. Wouldn't doubt McMaster-Carr has some type of caps or something to fill the ends.....
  4. OP: Your report to the local PD is the only way to document the incident. Do that, then call your insurance co. Sometimes, when it isn't your fault, there is no deductible, as the "other" insurance co. pays. This just happened to me on my bike. Scratches, scrapes and broken hardware. Over $3K. Not one penny out of my pocket except time lost chasing the slow-assed Harley repair shop.
  5. There are other threads about this. When I roll my windows down, I get severe buffeting. If I open all four it's better. When I just open the rear sliding window it is bad. It has to do with the aerodynamics.
  6. Must have options

    Donstar: You live in Canada? Heated seats. As for leather? As someone who is in construction, they clean up real nice. I use leather honey on them, just like my boots. You tow? Trailering package, locking differential, air suspension possibly. Budget? I haven't bought a new vehicle in 16 years and last 3 trucks were purchase used (2 years old in each case). I was able to get, IMO, more bang for the buck with buying used. Parking sensors? Check. Rear back-up camera? Check. Power rear window? Check. Spray-in bed liner? Check. After reading everyone's comments, it seems the only opinions and desires is your own. My grandparents always preached to me to buy the best I could afford. Good luck with your purchase.
  7. Upgraded finally

    Congrats! Very nice. It's going to take you a long time to break that seat in the way your other one was!
  8. Theft Deterrent? Could the battery in your fob be bad? No codes? Loose ground? Only at highway speeds?
  9. You can spend days researching tonneau covers. I chose Gator for only a couple of reasons. For what I wanted, the price was right and the reviews were very good. It's only been on a year, but still looks brand new. I did a vinyl treatment on it, which might help. As for your headlights, the HIDs are not bright enough? Do you own a drill? If you want to install a behind grill light bar at least get one with the lumens you want and good review too.
  10. Hear in Maryland, we have had a ton of rain. With that said, if the roads have been dry for a few days, the road I use are well traveled. Oil from vehicles quickly coats the road and then when it starts raining...... BINGO... slick as hell roads. I have OP's Bridgestones and I use the AUTO feature in conditions like this. And snow? That is fun time: Even with the Bridgestone Duelers.
  11. Leave the can in the sun. Shake well....
  12. Plastidip: You can remove it if you don't like it.....
  13. Step 1: Go to Home Depot/Lowes and buy a few cans of expandable spray foam Step 2: Remove bumper Step 3: Build junction boxes for access to license plate lights and/if you have sensors Step 4: Fill bumper with expandable spray foam Step 5: Install access covers for lighting/sensors Step 6: Re-install bumper Step 7: Drink a beer and admire your work and to celebrate no more snow in your rear bumper
  14. Are sure those are 275/50R-18? That would make those tire less than 29"....

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