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  1. dl3 chrome mirrors

    lol i know man. im just trying to get my money back and give a good deal to someone else.
  2. dl3 chrome mirrors

    Yes these are still available. Carson showed interest and im getting him a shipping quote but nothing finalized.
  3. dl3 chrome mirrors

    haha yes he is still a good friend. i just let him buy his own stuff from now on. seriously no one wants these. to the top one more time
  4. dl3 chrome mirrors

    bump to the top
  5. dl3 chrome mirrors

    they will with a conversion harness from pgamboa. if you search on here for dl3 mirror conversion you can read all about it. not a plug and play though if your truck has dl8 mirrors right now. but they do bolt up.
  6. dl3 chrome mirrors

    I bought these for a friend because he said he wanted them. Needless to say he has not paid me and I'm tired of having them in my closet. They are beautiful. Chrome and glass are in great shape with no major scratches. I want 225 for them and that includes paypal fees. Shipping will be additional but not trying to make any money off shipping will charge whatever it costs me. Any questions please let me know.
  7. budget dl3 mirrors

    back to the top. all you have to do is swap mirror caps from your truck and you have a nice set of mirrors for half the price of normal used ones
  8. i also have one you can have. it came off my 14. i can cut it off and send it to you anytime. just let me know.
  9. budget dl3 mirrors

    175 takes these. Just want them out of the house
  10. budget dl3 mirrors

    Bump. Want these sold. Pm me offers.
  11. budget dl3 mirrors

    I have a set of mirrors that i collected off 2 separate wrecked truck. They are not perfect and i tried to get the best pictures i could of them. The drivers side has a black mirror cap and the pass has a chrome mirror cap. The drivers one is in good shape with no major flaws. The pass side mirror the glass has some scratching and so does the chrome. The pass side is off a diesel so it does have the temp sensor in it. Would like to get 225 shipped for them. If anyone would like more pictures let me know.
  12. the chrome belt moldings for a crew cab?
  13. Grinding noise after lowered

    sorry for the late reply. i am using the djm lowering kit (front is control arms and rear is a flip kit). i first thought that it was the driveshaft bottoming out into the back of the trans. i unbolted the driveshaft at the rear end and it still slid into the trans about 3/4-1 inch when the truck was on the ground. i do have some rubbing from the driveshaft on the body which only happens when the truck bed is loaded with shit. for the hell of it i put some dykem on the driveshaft and took it out on the highway. had it make the noise then took it back to the shop lifted it up and the dykem didnt show any rubbing on the shaft so i ruled that out also.
  14. Grinding noise after lowered

    i have a 2wd 2014 crew cab that I have heard this noise also. mine is lowered 4/7. I have no ill effect in the 10k I have driven it once lowered but still interested what you find
  15. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    can we get some more pictures of your truck? thing is so cool. did you buy a bumpsteer kit to lower the tierods down? and if so which one did you go with. im at a 4/6 right now and after seeing the photos of your truck i need to go atleast 2 more inches.

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