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  1. Grinding noise after lowered

    sorry for the late reply. i am using the djm lowering kit (front is control arms and rear is a flip kit). i first thought that it was the driveshaft bottoming out into the back of the trans. i unbolted the driveshaft at the rear end and it still slid into the trans about 3/4-1 inch when the truck was on the ground. i do have some rubbing from the driveshaft on the body which only happens when the truck bed is loaded with shit. for the hell of it i put some dykem on the driveshaft and took it out on the highway. had it make the noise then took it back to the shop lifted it up and the dykem didnt show any rubbing on the shaft so i ruled that out also.
  2. Grinding noise after lowered

    i have a 2wd 2014 crew cab that I have heard this noise also. mine is lowered 4/7. I have no ill effect in the 10k I have driven it once lowered but still interested what you find
  3. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    can we get some more pictures of your truck? thing is so cool. did you buy a bumpsteer kit to lower the tierods down? and if so which one did you go with. im at a 4/6 right now and after seeing the photos of your truck i need to go atleast 2 more inches.
  4. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    what did you use to lower the front? djm/ Inez arms and drop struts? or did you use spindles also? can we get more pictures of the front. it looks awesome
  5. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    i have had my djm kit on my crew cab for about 6 months now and i havent had any problems with it but i do feel the ride isnt the best. im interested to see when you get yours installed how you think it rides. my feels super stiff over small bumps.
  6. Retro fitted headlights

    any chance you have a picture of the back side? how are the projectors mounted? also i like the tinted housings
  7. 20” GMC SLT chrome wheels (snowflakes)

    great price on these wish i lived closer
  8. glad you are ok. im going to say the truck took the hit a bit better than the car.
  9. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    anyone thinking about the michigan metal works control arms they are having a "name your price sale" going on now. suppose to be a 2 inch drop and it also centers the wheel in the front fender.
  10. 2014+ Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

    carven exhuast has a sale going on this weekend on most of there products. i have no affiliation to this company just a heads up for people trying to save some cash.
  11. i have looked at both the speed engineering and the texas speed. like others have said the reviews on the speed engineering is that they are "good". the question that i ask is who has them on a truck they drive year round. i wonder how they hold up to snow and large range heat cycles (-5 temps outside then operating temp then back down). most of the people i have talked to have them on summer cars. i guess im leaning towards texas speed just because of a more well known name brand.
  12. katech makes gen 5 valve covers that i assume would fit trucks. probably call and make sure
  13. Retro fitted headlights

    ooo these look nice.
  14. i really dig this grille. looks great on your truck.
  15. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    anyone have a measurement for the rear also my front is 17 1/8 in the front on the pass side and 17 on the drivers side.

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