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  1. Thanks guys!! I confirmed I received the newer flapper design. Cheers
  2. I am trying to locate and post which featured a member showing photos of the front section of the Borla GM Performance Exhaust system which features the flapper valve. He included a photo of the original design as well as the new improved design. I have spent over two hours searching for this thread and I'm now going cross eyed and very frustrated. Can anyone track it down for me? Thanks in advance!
  3. Beauty! Thanks Nasty! Sure appreciate your feedback. I'll check into the Twisted Metal Coilovers! Cheers
  4. Sorry for my ignorance! Coilovers and struts are two different things I understand. Would you use the spindles with the coilovers or with just the struts? and why? Thanks
  5. More confused now! I want to drop my 2018 4WD RCSB Z71 Silverado 3" in the front. Just when I thought I had my answer with the combination of Belltech 2514 2" drop spindles combined with Belltech 25004 struts set at 1" drop, I come across the Belltech 15002 coilovers which it indicates are not only compatible with 4WD's (as there webpage does not with the spindle/strut combo) but are adjustable from a 1 to 3" drop? Why wouldn't I just go with the coilovers and set to 3" drop? Will these move the wheel off center more than the other option???? There must be an advantage to the spindle /strut for 3" front drop? Or is there? If you went with what Belltech's webpage suggests for what I want it looks to me like the coilover is their recommendation?
  6. Hey Nasty Let me know when you get a chance to check this. I'm very curious to get an idea whether you think this combination will work? Cheers
  7. Love the Katech covers! I was hoping to do the Cadillac engine cover as well but I'm not sure it's going to work without interference with the coil relocation involved with the Katech covers? What are your thoughts?
  8. Yes. I do prefer the Sierra over the Silverado. In fairness, I have not seen one of either in person so I suppose I should reserve my final judgement on them until then, but man, I just don’t jive with the design from what I see in 2 dimension.
  9. I’m as hardcore GM as they come. Ugliest pickup design I have ever seen imho. Extremely disappointed. Went out and bought an ‘18 off the lot so I’d have a nice looking truck until the next re-design. To each his own, but not for me. Take the new tweeks to the ‘19 Camaro along with you. I’d actually buy a Mustang over the Camaro in ‘19. Sad.
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