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  1. @econometrics it is this one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079KXLF57/ @black02silverado it is this one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077B25H9K/ I like it so far, I haven't had to really access it yet since I installed it on my 2016 and then moved it to my 2019. The footage was clear and it worked well... but I just kind of went middle of the road.
  2. Here she is folks... my 2019 after getting Ceramic coating and Tinted.. 2019 Cajun Red Trailboss. I added Exhaust and Cold Air Intake at the dealer and then did Bed Cover, Underseat Storage, Step Bars, Dash Cam, Console Safe, Illuminated Bow Tie and Grill Lights myself. Options I ordered from the factory included Sunroof, Convenience II, Full Coverage Floor Mats and Sprayed Bedliner. Was worth the wait! Picture taken by me :-)
  3. Oh my wonder why I didn't find that in a search. Thank you so much!
  4. Has anybody torn the grill out of a 2019 yet? I don't see any videos on You Tube anywhere. I have the Illuminated Bowtie part to install... but the grill isn't like obvious to me how to remove. Repair instructions make it seem like it is just held in by 4 bolts up top and then a bunch of retainer clips. Remove the 4 bolts and then just give her a yank?
  5. Right now I have some first aid stuff in there (Quick Clot bandages, Tourniquet, General Aid) and I hooked a pull tag on to the opening pull flap that is a bright red 8" strap that says "Emergency" so I can send someone to my truck and say "Pull the bright red emergency strap hanging from the back seat on the drivers side and bring me everything inside." and they wont be able to miss it. I would like to run power into the other one for my Stream Light Stinger LED charger to keep a light fully charged and accessible. I have the undersea storage as well, so a lot of stuff goes in there.
  6. I do not notice a difference in sound, or even that it is dropping cylinders at all to be honest.
  7. I love it! It feels much roomier to me to me on the inside than the K2 was! I think the display is much more modern looking and the center console feels bigger. The performance exhaust sounds like thunder, you can't miss me coming for sure. The pictures on the Chevy Website simply do not do this thing justice compared to seeing it in person. I can't really think of anything that I am not satisfied with. I do miss that there is not a cig-lighter plug in the center console anymore as that was what I used to charge my Stinger Flashlight. But can't have everything :-)
  8. Her she is after a long wait to get what I wanted. 2019 Trailboss LT Cajun Red Sunroof Catback Exhaust Cold Air Induction Kit Convenience Package II Chevy Sprayed Bed Liner Upgraded Full Coverage Floor Mats Underseat Storage (enroute) Installed Console safe already I have a bed cover to install, but just picked her up and it is raining ice here in Chicago so will have to wait. Eventually going to tint out the windows and install more lights in the grill like I had on my 2016. Included pics of the 2016 LT I traded in for it for reference. I love this truck. Was worth the wait....
  9. Was this an order? or did you pick off the dealers lot? If you did order.... do you mind telling me when you ordered?
  10. My order was placed on 8/28, I checked with Chevy today (9/14) and my build is scheduled for next week (9/17). Trail Boss LT Crew Cab Cajun Red Sunroof CatBack Exhaust Convenience 2 Spray Lined Bed Very excited! Gonna have dealer get it tinted before delivery. Once I get it, I am going to install side steps, bed side storage, Illuminated Bow-Tie, Access Bed Cover, Floor Mats, Console Safe, Dash Cam. Also going to steal the 4 Lights I put in the grill of my 2016 before I trade it in and put them on the 2019.

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