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  1. So when you describe what you think a front end resembles it's ok huh.I think I know you.The guy that tailgates everyone because he is way more important than others and has places to be.Yep.
  2. I apologize. Was not aware I could not have an opinion.
  3. It's "kool" with a k. I do however agree with your "looks like a Camaro" front end description. Until I saw the Custom front end I would not have even considered a Silverado. Not only did the Custom fit my tight budget I loved the more traditional old school Chevy truck look of the front.
  4. Here is what I have found. This part number ,84602302 , is an OEM GM part number. Several parts suppliers sell it as well as several GM dealerships that all have it priced around $ 265-$300 . This unit comes complete and is a simple install.Remove the top part of the jump-seat while leaving the bottom half alone then install the new unit in reverse. This allows the jump-seat/console to function normally as it has been and the only change is now you have an armrest/lid that opens to provide inside storage.One thing for those interested,if you have GM loyalty points or any other kind of "dealer GM only" voucher you can use it if you order from a GM dealer. Points can't be redeemed through a third party supplier.That seals the deal for me as I have enough points to cover half the cost . In looking at the other ways of adding the inside storage compartment this is the least expensive option I have found.
  5. Good question. I haven't had a chance to add up the numbers. I do know it's way cheaper than the entire units,seat top and bottom with the storage, I've seen on EBAY.I like this option because it doesn't appear that the bottom part of the seat has to be removed.Kind of like just a swap out of the top section.
  6. This is interesting. https://sdparts.com/i-24134630-genuine-gm-parts-84602302-center-console-upgrade-for-2019-silverado-work-truck-models.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8bCHi6Xf4wIVlpOzCh1FMAVFEAYYBSABEgJOCPD_BwE
  7. To you and everyone else that posted about this issue, Thanks. I followed the link, called them and within five minutes I had my 20k points added to my account. Would never have known about this otherwise. They say it's the small details that count the most, and my dealer left this detail out. I will discuss this with the GM when I go in to use my points.
  8. Do you have to earn points? I take your post to mean they just out of the blue gave you 20,000 points.
  9. Alabama here. Factory tint and has been 100 in the shade recently.AC in my Custom double cab is amazing. May be the coldest system I have ever had in a vehicle.
  10. I'd be interested in swapping also. I have the extra seat configuration and would prefer the console.
  11. I purchased a set of those for my 2015 Colorado, that I just traded for a 2019 Silverado Custom, and swapped them on the dealer lot. Fit perfect.
  12. Willing to take any reasonable offer.Also will deliver within a 100 mile radius of Gadsden Alabama. Just traded my Colorado 2015 LT Ex Cab longbed for a 19 Silverado and have a few items no longer needed. 1.Used soft roll up Lund cover used since Oct 2017 .Complete with all hardware and instructions. Excellent condition.Never leaked a drop. $140.00 .Lund 968179 Genesis Elite Roll-Up Tonneau Cover 2. New soft roll up Lund cover still in box for same type truck.Has one microscopic pull in the canvas thread.Not a hole.Almost undetectable.$175.00. Lund 968179 Genesis Elite Roll-Up Tonneau Cover 3.1 set of chrome bed side rails.Used with cover since Oct 2017.Almost perfect condition with all hardware. $65.00 Steelcraft 613407 Bed Rail, Stainless Steel. 4.Chevy tailgate liner used since 2016.Great condition with correct length screws for attaching. $25.00 5.GM factory,dealer installed mud flaps.Removed at delivery and stored new. $20.00. Pickup only or willing to meet within a reasonable distance from Gadsden Alabama. My research indicates the cover and bed rails will fit all 2015-2018 Gen 2 Colorado longbed trucks regardless of cab configuration. The cover does allow full access to the bedcap rails and stake pockets as shown in picture.I visit this site once a day so reply here or pm me with questions.
  13. Can these trucks be flat towed without removing or disengaging the driveshaft? And if you don't mind sharing, what kind of towbar setup are you using? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for posting. This is the reason I joined the forum. I have a 2015 Colorado LT Ex Cab and just tried to install a new seat for my 18 mo granddaughter. The only legal location in the Colorado is behind the passenger seat and that only works with the passenger seat full forward and tilted so far as to render the seat useless. Can't believe GM didn't allow for this. This basically means Only the driver and baby can travel together. Ridiculous. Thinking about trading for a 19 custom with the double cab and now I know I will have room for everyone.
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