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  1. I have the plug n play set https://www.amp-research.com/amp-research-76254-01a-powerstep
  2. I live in Northern Canada, but this will be my first winter. I figured that I have nothing to loose since they are warranted for 5 years if I’m not mistaken. I have the 2 motors so for no issues
  3. Do all the silverados come with this wire connector plate?
  4. I had my set installed today. Love the look and they give a nice flood pattern. For those who have this kit, does your red light on the switch stay on all the time? Even when the truck is turned off my red lightning is on.
  5. I like mine, hides well and they feel like a natural step into/out of the truck.
  6. 2019 TB 5.3 8speed, same noise. I’ll report it to the dealer when I’m due for an oil change
  7. I have the factory soft roll cover for my TB. I like it no issues with the tailgate, my last truck had a BAKFlip fibermax. I’ll get another hard one in a few years, main reason is I’m not loving cleaning it when it has snow/ice on it. Not solid enough to bang the ice off.
  8. AMP power steps. No regrets, stealth look and perfect location to easily get in and out of TB
  9. Looks great! Can you post a pic of where the toggle switch is installed? I’m having mine installed in a week
  10. Looks great, I’ve had great results with Adams spray coating.
  11. Any long term update for the Zone Offroad Level Kit
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