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  1. I have the all weather mats from GM, they seem ok but I’m not really sure if the water from melted snow will make its way out. My TB has front bench so they are connected like the rear ones. My 2010 Silverado had weather techs since new, the mats allowed the water to run out, bench seat as well. 10/10 My Cadillac SRX has weather techs as well, this design force me to remove the mat once in awhile in order to drain the water/ slush. Terrible design 1/10 If the GM ones are crap for winter I’ll look at husky.
  2. I’m guessing blackout tailgate markings and exhaust bumper caps. I’m mean there’s little to blackout on a black TB right
  3. Not a big fan of the TB 20 inch wheels but I have to say that truck looks sweet. Great taste!
  4. Hey everyone, has anyone come up with a cool setup for their phone? My TB has bench seats and no ac plug, so I figured maybe this cover could be used as a holder. Basically looking for this cap/cover to hold the phone while connected USB for CarPlay with a 1 foot lightning USB cable
  5. I’m purchased the WT 17 in wheels, ill run 265/70/17 as my snow tires. Dealer said it would only shoot my speedo off by 4km/hour or so. This will be my first winter with the new truck so can’t tell you how it will handle. The trail boss won’t look the same without its original wheels tho.
  6. All black Dodge Ram awesome video lol
  7. Have you tired to clay bar the truck? Even a new vehicle will have some contamination on it. First thing I did when I got it home, clayed, polished and ceramic coated.
  8. I currently have the cold air induction on my Camaro and absolutely love it. I would like to find the GM one on a Canadian website to see the cost
  9. I put the AMP on my TB and couldn’t be happier. I find the height is perfect at 6’6 I have no issue getting in without them, they just make it easier and as mentioned the gap between the ground-step-cab is perfect and feels natural. My 2010 Z71 LT had the factory steps and just never used them because it really didn’t feel like a natural step into the truck As for how the hold up in. Canadian winter time will tell but they have an awesome warranty so I’m not worried.
  10. Same here, I bought the TB, I find most steps take away from the truck. These just blend in, and they are just the right height to assist getting in. Pricey but worth it. Here’s pick as you can see barely noticeable
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