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  1. Anyone know if this will fit on 2019 GMC Sierra 2500 HD, also couldn’t find that part.
  2. Check the USB plug you are using, plug your phone directly into it and verify CarPlay works from that location. Some USB plugs do not go directly to radio
  3. I have the third break light only, not the whole panel thing that has to be removed from inside
  4. Hi all. I am looking to add the rear view mirror camera to my 2019 2500 Denali and am wondering if anyone has done it and what parts I need to order. From what I have seen on other models it looks pretty simple.
  5. I have 19 2500 Denali 4x4 diesel with a payload of 1900 as well. My fault for not knowing but dealer told me a could pull just about any 5th wheel I wanted......now I wish I knew then what I know now, would have picked a different truck.
  6. Hi , I have 2019 GMC Sierra 2500 Denali . I was wondering if this will work for me, my mirror has OnStar built into it.
  7. No it was oil not filter. Still seems weird to be 83% one day and 10% the next and then back up the follow day. I had the oil changed( my 1st and only free one) and everything reset so we will see what happens next.
  8. Yeah mine is black should have bought the 20
  9. Does anyone know if I can add the multi pro tailgate to my 2019 Denali HD?
  10. I am happy to get it changed, but why does it change? This morning it was at 83%, I drove less than 10 miles and this evening it says change oil soon and is at 7%. I thought these new oils were suppose to be better that 1200 mile ranges with no stressful driving at all.
  11. Hi all have a question regarding oil life monitor. I have new 2500 HD Duramax and have 1200 miles on it. Yesterday oil life monitor said 83% , today I get change oil warnings and it now says 10%. What should I do?
  12. Hi all have question about tapping power for radar detector/dash cam from the rear view mirror. Does anyone know a good place to tap power? 2019 GMC Sierra HD Denali with auto dimming mirror.
  13. If it does then my truck is very light....6K and change
  14. I have a 2019 and my homelink sucks. If I press button and release it will open and stop. I have to hold it down to open the door. Next time I press and release door opens fine. I am always in front of door maybe 10 feet away. Any suggestions to fix.
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