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  1. I had it leftover from my 2015 gmc. You may be able to find some at a local 4x4 shop.
  2. That is the spring perch with the silencer pad. The block will go between it and the leaf spring. If you go 2" & 1" it should give you the same look as above but 1/2 inch lower.
  3. Mine is similar to this. I have a 2" front and 1-1/4" rear. So theoretically I have 3/4" more rake.
  4. Tapping noise from the rear spoiler? More info please.
  5. looks like maybe that yukon to the right rear of you is missing a door?
  6. And the vehicle behind you that it hit!
  7. Your's came with a block? Mine did not have one. Blocks are usually true to size. You will need longer u- bolts.
  8. Thanks. I have a 1-1/4 inch block on the rear but sounds like it still may be too low for what I need.
  9. Is your truck at stock level? It does look like the hich sits low. If you flip it, it defeats the purpose. I may just stick with my standard hitch and put a lockout switch on it.
  10. FYI. BW 2" hitch for multipro tailgate just released last week. Just saw the earlier post announcing the release.
  11. Luckily the guy that did it is taking care of everything with the dealership. I already got an estimate and have everything setup. The bad part is they just informed me parts are on backorder about 3 weeks.
  12. I installed a Gatortrax MX on mine. Same exact cover as the Retrax just branded Gatortrax. They run a little cheaper than the Retrax and I got it on sale also so it was 200 plus less.
  13. If you don't mind, which pin #'s for the reverse and courtesy light mod?
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