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  1. I had on on my 2015 since new. When I removed it before trading in a few weeks ago I had zero rust. It was under a bed cover. I did as others and painted the hole after drilling and coated the screws.
  2. I had 305-55-20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers on my 2015 Sierra with a 2 in. level They rubbed slightly at full lock. I figured the only time I am at full lock was pulling into or out of a parking spot at slow speed. If I was at full lock while driving I would have bigger problems.
  3. I have the pro trailering system and the truck came with 4 TPS for a trailer. I read somewhere where it will support multiple trailers if you purchase more sensors obviously.
  4. So... If you are reading that message and crash, Can you sue GM for distracting the driver by requiring them to read the message and hit OK or would the message be used against you as in that was your warning not to take your eyes off the road?
  5. So the new roll-n-lock cover only locks to the side rails I assume?
  6. Does the roll-n-lock allow use of the power tailgate? I had the powder coated version on my last truck and loved it.
  7. Was that with the stock wheels? I had 305- 55-20 on my 15 Sierra with stock wheels and a 2 in. Level.
  8. Just curious, did you have a level with these tires or stock height?
  9. Has anyone installed a roll-n-Lock on a 2019 GMC with the power tailgate?
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