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  1. Boost Auto Parts has a relay/diode mod for this. It will activate them with the brights. you can also add a diode to operate the lows, fogs and brights at the same time.
  2. Mine did the same and then came back the next day.
  3. What brand of cover? I have a Gator MX (Retrax/Embark) and my tailgate would intermittently stick until after a little use and the seal got conditioned. I would rather it seal tight than drop automatically.
  4. Should not be a problem. Others on here have done it. I will let you know this weekend. I am doing the same.
  5. Let us know your thoughts after programming. Any noticeable gains? How loud is the intake? My last truck the CAI was so loud, I had to put exhaust on it.
  6. You also have to wonder why GM would install longer CV axles on their TB/AT4's with the 2' lift?
  7. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1100/1540/products/ [email protected]?v=1578350493
  8. A couple more questions as I am doing the same this weekend ran out of time last weekend. I did get my bed cover installed though. Do your running boards clear in the full aft position and you do not have any spacers correct?
  9. Looks good. I’m doing the same this week. I still have my rear block from my last truck also. I haven’t decided about exhaust yet. I am enjoying the quiet smooth ride. My last truck I was going to leave stock and within a month I had lifted with new tires, exhaust, intake, tune and bed cover.
  10. I had both on my last truck. I really liked the aggressive look of the Ridge Grapplers. I do not think they were too much louder or rougher than the G2,s. I did get 84,000 out of my G2s. The tire shop couldn’t believe e it until I showed them the receipt and mileage from when they put them on. With that said I will probably install the G2’s on my new Denali.
  11. Do you happen to have a picture of the ARC bracket? Also the dimensions from hole to hole? I have a left over kit (non ARC) and also rear blocks I am going to utilize.
  12. Did you install the level and rear block? Any side pics showing the rake? Thanks.
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