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  1. The only other thing I have done is installed red hooks up front. There was a bit of rubbing on the tires when you turn all the way, but nothing a good pocket knife didn't fix. I do need to take it back in because the leveling kit left it a little high on the front end and I don't love that. Here is a pic of the back end.
  2. Happy with the way it turned out. - 22" Kraken Wheels - 35" Toyo Tires - Leveling kit - Tint 15% - Custom Vinyl install and chrome delete (badging removal) - Tint lights thru out Started out as an LT Texas Edition Shout out to whomever owns the dually from where I got the idea, a random Pinterest picture I really liked.
  3. If you dont mine me asking what did you replace it with?
  4. So I was at the dealership today and reviewed what I needed to make this happen, the part # we apparently need is 84613793 if this is input into gmpartsdirect it does not give me a picture of it, but it did at the dealerships, and it came with everything needed. Ordering today, wish me luck.
  5. What adapter? My truck is doing the same thing, left blinker and left stop light otherwise everything else works, same trailer on my 2006 dually works just fine.
  6. Now that parts are available in gm parts direct, has anyone found the exact parts for this to be a possibility?
  7. I did this today, overall definitely better, however I feel there is better options as far as bulbs go, there is a slight streak coming from the right light that is a little bothersome. I feel there could be a bulb with better quality and consistency, just not sure how to match them up.
  8. Same issue here, I asked my dealer and they get them for $600 they sell them for $980, apparently should be an easy swap.
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