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  1. none that I can think of. I put fuses on every way that power runs and get all the benefits of having the safety net.
  2. Still need to install all my lights though. I finally installed it and finished the setup. I made a small video explaining my parts used and why I installed a second battery. My wife asked me why install a second battery, well I have been on jobs where my lights have to be on for 12+ hours and found my battery to be drained just enough to need a jump. So not wanting to rely on others and even having to carry around a jumper (although I actually do anyway) I installed a second battery and run everything off of it via a small fuse box.
  3. I bought MaxLiners, I found a set that was one piece up front and one in the rear? they cover under the pedal as well as the food rest on the left of the driver, (lol I heard some kid call it a "dead pedal".
  4. Anyone have any experience with this unit, or have you seen this in action? https://www.phoenixautomotiveinc.com/pr ... 4235756601
  5. I am looking at the top left of the dash where I think the "breaking control panel" would be but mine doesn't have it. this slot here
  6. Getting ideas on AUX switch install placement So other than the factory switches that are already in place, (I may go this route but I already have my own rockers). Where did you guys place yours? Let's see pics.
  7. This is interesting, I may do this with my 2017.
  8. Pictures of where you mounted the camera please.
  9. Ever see that Twilight Zone episode with the gremlin on the plane wing, well...
  10. It is all about the looks, and that looks great.
  11. nice, my first Chevy as a used (13 Y/O) 1979 Chevy LUV.
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