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  1. Whatever dude. Just because I dont agree with you does not mean I should be berated until I see your way. I use fog lights for a purpose and not to be cool.
  2. I would be interested in a better fog light as well. The led lights do not compare to the ones on my '18. I like fog lights for when I'm on back roads; I can see deer on the side of the road much better than without them. A proper set up fog light should never blind oncoming traffic if setup properly.
  3. Check out the electric steps from gm, they come out farther and down lower than a normal step. I really like them. I think you have to add this feature when you order the truck as they cant be added after the fact unless you go aftermarket.
  4. I traded a 2018 sierra 6.2 in for a 2019 sierra 5.3 in december. No regrets from me. The power difference is barely noticeable and when I get on the 5.3 it has plenty of get up and go. I haven't towed yet ,but my boat isnt that heavy anyway. Fuel savings is a plus, since I no longer have to use premium gas. The 6.2 was overkill for what I need the truck for. If you plan on putting a lift and bigger tires, I would probably go with the 6.2, bc I drove a 5.3 rocky ridge that left me wanting more.
  5. I installed the bakflip on my 2019 gmc sierra and I have the same issue. it will drop if i have the tailgate leaning downhill, but not on level ground. I'm hoping when it gets warmer the gasket will wear in some and not hold it as tight. TBH I'm not too impressed with this cover compared to the undercover i had on my 18. it doesnt seem to be as high of quality and doest fit as well. I went with the bakflip because someone on here said it works and opens without hanging up, but not the case on my truck.
  6. thanks, yes this helps. Does rain and dirt distort the image like on the rear view camera? I figured there would be times when rain or dirt gets on the lens but probably not as bad as the tailgate camera due to how close that is to the road.
  7. How does the camera do at night? I hope it's better than the backup camera, because it is really dark. For those of you who have had this for a while, is there any need to use the mirror function over the camera or do you always just use the camera?
  8. A quick update, the dealership mechanic put in a inquiry to GM and he said there was no fix for this issue. He said he would call me when they figure out a fix, which I expect will be never. I used the vents for the first time today and there is barely any air coming out of them, it doesnt seem right to me.
  9. I was hoping it was only a winter issue, because I dont care as much about ac blowing out all the vents. I guess that's an issue too. What do you mean by "turn fan off" turn it on auto?
  10. I bought a 2019 sierra 1500 and the air blows out of all vents no matter what mode I have it in. When it's cold out my feet seem to stay cold but my upper body is hot. I took it to the dealer and they said it is normal and they all do it. I've heard about this issue with previous model gm trucks, but I couldnt find anything on the new generation trucks. Is anyone else having this issue or is it something specific to my truck?
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