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  1. The readylfit were my first choice until they told me a 1/2 spacer was needed for the front wheels. Also hope they clear the Eibach beefy coil springs. I may call readylift and ask if they tried them with those springs because Eibach would not tell me what brand did in fact interfere.
  2. I was looking at the aftermarket replacement aluminum from rockauto. Thank you for the info. So the only other question is with a 2.5 leveling will the aluminum be ok or will they wear out because of angle? Not sure if these tubular aftermarket guys are capturing the angle problems and just making the ball joint re-inforced?
  3. I was considering Readylift arms with Eibach springs and struts. I want my stock 20" wheels for winter and ok with buying other wheels but for summer. Also spare tire must fit.
  4. Rock Auto replacement stock uppers show the same part number for 2018 and 2014 in the aluminum?? Hope someone has tried to mount them on a 2018 !!
  5. So Readylift control arms fit 14-18 trucks that had alum or stamped is what throws me off as far as fitment? What makes the knuckle different on your truck ? description from readylift uca Fits 2016.5 to current GM 1500 trucks and SUVs that came with Stamped Steel upper control arms. Will also work on 2014-2016 GM 1500 trucks that came with factory aluminum control arms
  6. Im looking to do a Eibach leveling kit on my 2018 It appears once I level the truck I will need to replace the stamped steel uppers since they are inferior. Each aftermarket company uppers claims to rub with factory rims and 33's. Can I install 2014 aluminum uppers on my 2018???. Has anyone done this to their 2018? I am looking at the Eibach leveling pro kit that comes with adjustable shocks and new springs. Has anyone used the Eibach kit? I was told by Eibach that some aftermarket control arms interfere with the spring. This makes me believe the 2014 alum upper swap may be the ticket????
  7. I have a 2018 1500 and It was hit on passenger side. I purchased aftermarket ANZO lights. The high beam on passenger side does not work. So I swapped bulbs and that didn't work. I took the working driver said and connected it to passenger wiring and that did not work. Soooo I did not see a separate side fuse in the owners manual. I did not see anything obvious with the truck wiring. I need help for the next steps.
  8. Perfect and thank you so much for taking the time to do it. Take care and be safe.
  9. Can someone tell me dimensions for location of high country emblems on the doors? 2018. Thanks. Pics with ruler best or descriptions ok too. Just my luck I don’t see any around me lately.
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