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  1. Can anyone recommend some good running boards ? I definitely want black, and I think I want aluminum so they don't rust ? I came across these Luverne slimgrip 5" black aluminum for around $439 ... Can anyone post pics of theirs ?
  2. Look into POR-15 ... semi truck drivers use it on their frames ... makes them last forever.. sounds like a lot of work getting the mess you made off first though ..
  3. I like the 3.78's except the gap from 2nd to 3rd .. Does anyone have the gear ratio's from the 2019's to compare ? Are they the same ?
  4. the E-coat would definitely be worth it for me ..
  5. Also keep in mind.. how many times a year are you going up the mountain ? I will go once or twice a year.. The other 361 days a year, the truck will be parked, or towing flat ground .. no need to get all crazy and trade your truck in and loose thousands of dollars just for that 1 day a year you, and your buddies race up the IKE ...
  6. I can tell you from first hand experience, my 31ft toy hauler weighs 12,500 lbs with the 4-up RZR, water, firewood ect. all weighed on a CAT scale. It made it up the IKE 50 mph in 2nd gear at 5,000 rpms ... IT CAN DO IT .. you just have to put it to the floor ...
  7. Last I checked we still have freedom of speech ... he's reporting the facts... that's not against the law. .
  8. Guys, I just wanted to chime in, as I just got back from the Colorado mountains towing on my way to Moab. I tow 12,000 trailer weighed on a CAT scale, that's with my water, firewood, RZR inside the toy hauler, everything, real world weight. I too, found from 2nd to 3rd was way to big of a gap. I was very disjointed. I was either screaming 5,000ish rpm at 50-55 mph, or it would go to 3rd gear then loose speed. Now, I am familiar with the "ike" on TFL, I did do that particular stretch, and if anyone is interested, I was able to hold 50 MPH, in 2nd gear, and my transmission temp got to 239F, and my engine temp did not move. my whole experience is what brought me to this thread, I was wondering if anyone else had issues going from 2nd to 3rd, and it appears many have.
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