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  1. Either unhook the battery or go to a car parts store and use a code reader to clear it. Prime a Bluetooth obdii reader run torque and do it also.
  2. That's a great build. You'll love it. The MSRC is amazing. I'm glad I got the Z51, but might not have got it if it was offered stand alone. Lift works good I don't use the gps at home because every time you move your car it goes up. ELB is a great color you'll love it!
  3. You'll love it. What are your specs? Color etc? I seriously love every color street seeing them all at Ron Fellows. The color I thought I wouldn't like until I saw it in person was Zeuss Bronze. It's actually amazing. I know I'm curious on what the '22 will look like inside and out. I love my '21, but I'm tempted to go '22 if the difference is enough. I'm thinking the interior is like the Yukon Denali interior. Hopefully GM gives us reason to keep them stimulated.
  4. I agree it's shocking and no reason it couldn't have been done. A 5.3 in the Colorado(like the original) would have been awesome. I get it they didn't want to cut out more Silverado sales, but a true ZR2 monster LF4.... I might have strongly looked at one.
  5. Yeah I'll probably sell my C5, keep my Stingray, when the Z06 comes out and that will be the next addition. If the Z06 is NA I'll wait and won't be interested. I still believe in the CAD that was released of the TT engine. It was spot on in the Stingray so I have no reason to doubt it. Plus Volumetric efficiency and meeting emissions with a FPC is just not going to happen. IMO it's probably the Blackwing long block with the turbos out of the valley or something to that extent. Every one sites IMSA rules, but basically the crank has to be with in 10% of the C8.R. You'll love the C8 IMO. Between
  6. One hibernating the other in full use. '21 LTZ 6.2 , '20 Z51 3LT
  7. Agreed on this. GM should have had SS variants of the Blazer, Traverse, Colorado ZR2 Bison, XT5/6-V and offered the LF4. Could have spread the cost around. Loaded LTZ like Trail boss with ZR2 suspension and LT4 ..... Shut up and take my money. Dreams only I guess.
  8. Yup those are the good ones!! Perfect fit for me to. They look perfect too. At first I bought the cheaper ones learned the hard way.
  9. Bunch on Amazon already. The cheapest ones don't fit well but the other ones did.
  10. I'll try and do dragy results before and after scientifically as I can. I just ordered a Rotofab intake they were having 60 bucks off sale this week. It would be interesting to see if someone with the 5.3 or other engines respond the same to give every one real data. The dragy seems like a reasonable tool to compare results so far.
  11. Do you feel like the CAI and Cat back made a difference? Sound and power? I mean the engine stock sounds so muffled and quiet it's clearly being choked off. This is my daily so I probably won't tune it, but clearly GM knows they choked it off because they offer those two and quote gains with them. I wish they had some form of NPP exhaust like on my C8 where I could change it on the fly. I'm going to have to keep listening to the cat backs because it's that right balance or loud enough for your daily, but not having drone on a 500 mi drive. The Corsa and Borla are some of the better I've heard.
  12. I'm just happy to see people at least discussing these trucks. My '21 LTZ is my first truck and I love it. The 6.2 /10 speed combo is really impressive because I had not driven a truck in about 15 years. It needed to have good enough power to get out of it's own way, reasonable gas mileage, and comfy technology. This really does all of that. Clearly the 6.2 sharing the long block with the LT1 is the big dog, but from what it looks like they have really done a nice job bringing the 5.3 along too. My other cars are a C8 & C5 so I couldn't do the 5.3. I'm curious what other little things ever
  13. Bone Stock 2021 LTZ 6.2 10 speed. Cold salty road. Sport, TCS off, Brake torque 2200 rpms got the best result. I'm really impressed with this truck this engine trans combo is great.
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