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  1. All they really had me check were fluid levels, ATF and coolant. They said 90% of the problems that happen with these trucks are from low fluid levels. I was just a bit low on both, so I added fluid but the problems persist. I hooked up my scanner and the only code it's throwing is U0101 Lost Communication with TCM. My Via tech said these trucks don't have a TCM though, so that code pops up randomly because there's no TCM to communicate with. So I'm back to thinking it's an ignition problem. That's the only thing that really makes sense to me, that the ignition is losing contact while driving and shuts everything down and cycling the key helps start it back up again. As for mileage, I didn't pay too close of attention to it so my numbers might be off. I was thinking it was somewhere between 22-23 mpg. I had to stop 4 times for gas both ways because the tank is so small. I did baby the truck on the highway the whole way, seemed like 70-72 mph was the sweet spot and anything over that went through gas much more noticeably. I was also driving from Texas to Iowa, so weather and temps were pretty nice the whole way and lots of flat road without hills.
  2. It's really frustrating because I was in contact with them late last week, they gave me a few things to check, and the tech assigned to my truck emailed me yesterday morning but I haven't heard from them since. I signed up for the "Via service portal" login back when I bought the truck in late June so I could access the service manuals, but they still haven't approved my sign-up. I ran the first 40 miles on electric motor then the generator kicked in and I drove the rest of the way on generator. I actually wasn't even aware I could manually switch to the generator until I found this post. That's really good to know. I saw you mentioned your coupler is loud at low speeds, mine is too. Generally between 5-20 mph when I'm running on generator. Were you ever able to get that fixed? The dealership I bought the truck from said they contacted Via about it and were quoted like $250 for the part, but I don't know how involved it would be to swap it out or if a new coupler would even solve the problem. It seems to work fine, but it is loud.
  3. Sorry for bringing up an old post, but I was doing some googling and this popped up. I also bought a 2014 Via VTRUX this year and it's nice to see some other people that bought them as well. I picked mine up for $15k with 17k miles. Mine looks like a typical work truck compared to some of yours, but I really like it. I just took it on a 2000 mile road trip. The first 1000 miles, to the destination, went amazingly well . I believe I got about 23 mpg. The trip back, not so much. The truck stalled on the highway several times, and I'd have to pull off to the side, cycle the key several times, and eventually it would start back up. I believe I have a failing ignition switch that I need to replace, but I'm having trouble getting anyone from VIA to respond whether it's a standard Silverado ignition switch and if it needs any additional programming to swap. Do any of you know anything about the ignition system?
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