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  1. I'll buy a 2 year old CPO for $50k with 30k miles on it haha
  2. Personally my wife has been chewing my ear off about getting one with heated seats, but that 2010 LT 2wd she's driving has 160k miles and is still going strong. Some cosmetic issues (we've got 3 kids all under 10 haha) so it's probably not worth much on a trade-in or even resale, we'd be lucky to get $10k for it, more likely $7-8k or a $5k trade-in. My 2014 High Country is great (and like you said - I've seen no real reason to upgrade to a 2020 or newer Silverado as the improvements were incremental) but I would like to have our big family vehicle be the nice one, so to speak.
  3. Totally. But I can't imagine anybody taking a huge depreciation on a 1 year old $60K+ car for any feature unless they really hated their existing one. Normally at this time I'd be looking for insane deals on a 2020 Suburban they were trying to clear off the lot to make room for the 2021s since the changes weren't drastic and certainly aren't worth an extra $10k+ but with the low inventory they're still keeping their cards close to the vest, so to speak.
  4. I see where you're coming from, but to me the fact that they went IRS and offer the Diesel engine and the 6.2L on more trim lines is pretty nice. The interior space is a big improvement as well, and I don't see "pointless stuff" added to the interior really on the 2021 models personally. The Escalade definitely looks nice. That 38" screen dash is sweet. I think the interior of the Denali is almost as nice and looks really great, especially in the tan color
  5. I mean, underneath they all share the same frame, drivetrain, engines, etc? So why is the Escalade next-gen while the Tahoe/Yukon/Suburban not? Are you referring strictly to the interior?
  6. Depends where you're coming from, my wife has a 2010 Suburban LT with 160k miles on it. The new Suburbans and Yukon XLs look like a significant upgrade for us.
  7. Does anybody know when GM will start actually selling these? All I've heard is summer 2020 but I imagine things are getting delayed due to the current pandemic situation... 0% for 84 months on 2020s right now does make it look like they're trying to get rid of the current stock, though...
  8. The current Sierra is $37k start, the AT4 is $51k and the Denali is $54k start. The current Yukon starts at $50k and the Denali starts at $67k. My guess is we'll see the Yukon increase in price a bit - starting around $53-$55k and the Denali starting at $72-$75k. I'd expect the AT4 to start in the $65k-$70k range. But like the current Denali ($67k start - up to $81k or so with options) you can probably pump another $10k into it if you want all the features. So I think you'll be able to buy a 2021 AT4 for $67k-$70k base and then option it up to $75-$80k depending on options, but nobody knows officially. Or if you're budget conscious, sometime in late 2023 you'll find a 2-3 year old lease returned 2021 with 30k miles on it for $40k CPO. Like right now I can buy a 2017 Denali with 35k miles for $45k right down the street from me.
  9. Holy shit, I love it. That front end is GREAT.
  10. Before I had kids, I spent weeks tracking down a Sierra SLE2 with bucket seats and cloth. I really wanted the cloth seats for exactly that reason. after I had kids, I realized the one huge advantage to leather is how easy it is to clean.
  11. What is the deal with the all black interiors? Haven't any of these people ever lived in an area where it gets hot in the summer? Black leather is the worst.
  12. This has just about everything I hoped. More availability of the 6.2L, the 3.0L diesel, and a good selection of trim lines. Plus a great looking interior.
  13. Agreed, I like this look a lot more on the SUV than the truck even. Can’t wait to see the Yukon.
  14. There's no hard data I've seen, but the 2021 Tahoe/Yukon/Suburban will launch Dec 10th and that has a dramatically new interior from what I've seen so far. Wouldn't be a hard stretch to imagine them updating the Silverado/Sierra with that interior around the same time frame...
  15. Wow. I really like that look. It's bold, different, and aggressive. Especially in that color. Not insanely crazy about the CHEVROLET in stencil font across the grill (but I guess the Raptor kind of made that popular).
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