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  1. you didn't fall for anything. The SIR Coil/Clock spring has been the cause of some of the error messages you are seeing. There's been two sources of the error, thus far. One is the steering wheel SIR Coil/clockspring and/or the steering wheel airbag module. The other source is the inboard driver seat airbag connector. Is the button issue new?
  2. YES! the magnetic ride control is going to be much better at handling rougher roads than the standard spring/shock setup
  3. I would advise that you take it to the dealer and make them hook up to it while it is not working. If it's not working when you take it in later, they may tell you to bring it back when it's not working. Whether they have the loaner or not, at least if they can connect with the vehicle, they can grab any data logs needed
  4. hmmm. you might be right. I would have thought that was the dark sky, but it seems to be more green. interesting. I think it is available on the canyon denali too
  5. I can't find good pics of the Hunter color, is it actually a gray/greeen?
  6. yes it will be available in November to order. It's on the build-and-price now.
  7. it's a warranted repair. you're entitled to a loaner vehicle, doesn't matter if it's the selling dealer or not. if the fix is replacing airbags, why wouldnt you want it? now, maybe I would not want them to that as a "maybe" step, but to be sure that's the fix before proceeding.
  8. might be a dumb question, but where in the world is the battery? buried under the fuse box? I note that there's remote jump posts for pos and neg
  9. I know, I know, fail on me for not getting a pic, but I was driving, and couldn't get one in time. Michigan plates, of course. I assume a CTF vehicle. But I spotted a summit white 21 Suburban this morning here in suburbia of Chicagoland (fitting, right? lol) I was quite excited, and pointed it out to my wife... and she was like meh.... They're getting close, I can tell! Can't wait for them to hit the lots.
  10. Thanks for the info. Mostly important would be within 18 inches of the front center of the hood. (depth of overhanging storage units on the front wall of garage)
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