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  1. What part number are you searching? I'm interested in doing this too.
  2. Yes, the dome lights still fade in/out with the filter. I used a T-tap to get power from the dome light wires to feed the filter. It sounds like we did the same thing. It was simpler in my mind to use 2. They do not flash when the door opens. I have my 3rd party illuminated door sills, OPT 7 lights, and the white lights of my running board lights on the same circuit.
  3. The fade in/out is the pulse width modulation. If you dont have a capacitor, or filter on, you'll hear the relay chatter during the fade in/out. I put a filter in to get rid of the buzz. You did the same with the capacitors. I also have the lights on relays, but used one relay for each circuit. One for the regular color, and one for the white when the dome lights come on. This is the filter I used for my opt7 interior lights, and 3rd party door sill lights: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07KFJVC5J/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. There are many options to use instead of factory navigation. If you travel through cell-phone dead zones, then maybe it's worth it. I know google maps allows you to download regions you're traveling to use without service.
  5. The shutters themselves can be removed easily. Just bend them up in the middle a little bit and they'll come out.
  6. My 2020 Cajun Red RST (close enough). The annoying square format of the website pictures cut off much of the picture. https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery/2263830/2020-chevrolet-silverado-1500-xf-offroad-xf-222-bilstein-leveling-kit
  7. My thread linked a few posts above has the running lights on.
  8. You'll be able to. But how much rubbing will you be able to live with? I have Bilstein 5100 on setting #5 and had rubbing at 1.25 turns of the steering wheel. Full lock is 1.75 turns. I just installed 20x10 -12mm offsets on my 2020 RST with 275/60R20 Cooper Discoverer Rugged Treks. I dont think they changed the suspension on the refresh (correct me if i'm wrong). I needed a 3/8" spacer to clear the front calipers. I needed remove the bracket that only serves to hold the lowest part of the wheel well liner. I then took a self tapping screw and pinned the liner back in the space previously filled by the bracket. Just nipped some of the mudflap off to get zero rub too. The bracket is shown on page 5 of this: https://performancetruckproducts.com/product_images/instructions/cognito/7238_7.pdf You do not need to do the entire instruction packet!
  9. XF offroad XF222 wheels -12mm offset Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek 275/60R20 (factory size) Removed lower wheel liner bracket, and pinned wheel liner back in empty space that was filled by the bracket with self tapping screw. No rubbing at full turn in either direction. 3/8" spacer to clear calipers. Bilstein 5100 all around (Front on setting #5 2") 1" rear blocks
  10. Xf offroad XF222 wheels -12mm offset Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek 275/60R20 (factory size) Removed lower wheel liner bracket, and pinned wheel liner back in empty space that was filled by the bracket. No rubbing at full turn in either direction. 3/8" spacer to clear calipers
  11. Above is what I did. Vvivid light smoke. These taillights are not the easiest to wrap. But with some elbow grease, hair dryer, and determination, you can do it yourself.
  12. Yes, using the high beam fuse to trigger the relay is what I did. Then when the relay is closed (high beams on) the lightbars use power from the battery.
  13. I was sent the same letter. I do not have that issue they're describing.
  14. Has anyone made the switch from the OEM Goodyear AT's to Cooper Rugged Treks? My OEM Bridgestone Dueler AT's on my RST will need replacing soon. I am between the two subject tires. Do I need the aggressive tread of the Rugged Treks: No, the Duelers do everything I need. Do I like the the looks of the aggressive looks of the Rugged Treks: Absolutely! Would the Wrangler AT check all of my "needs" boxes: Yes I will be putting these tires on some 20x10 XF offroad 222 wheels with red milled accents. Basically, the Goodyear's are a direct OEM replacement. How do they last compared to the Duelers? I have almost 31000 on the OEM Dueler's and have probably 1/32 left before they're on the wear bars. How would the Rugged Trek compare to the Wrangler? Tire size will be 275/60/20 for either.
  15. Thanks! The shocks arrived Saturday. I dont have the time to do the work myself these days. So it'll be a the shop while im at work at some point this week.
  16. Did you need any other parts besides the 4 shocks?
  17. Anyone running a leveling kit, or bilstein 5100's on the 2" setting on a 2.7? Any issues? I want to put some aftermarket 20x9-0, or 20x10-12 wheels with 275/60/20 tires on.
  18. No way to get color matched grille/bumpers on a CCSB 2.7T without going all black TB?
  19. VVivid light smoke is on driver side. Nothing on passenger side.
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