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  1. Mine doesnt have them. I thought this was a joke until i read through the thread
  2. SO i know you can swap the lamps and my LT does have Halogens however there might be some differences as I ran into a guy with a Diesel LT who had LEDs . Supposedly bought new no mods. Would need to confirm on this
  3. Good Info and great reply. I havent had the issue on my 2020
  4. just came from a ford ... good luck lol
  5. so he has a point, but to clarify. Steering stabilizers are meant for one purpose and that is to dampen shock loading or unloading of the vehicle's natural reactions to road imperfections. they will help reduce wear and tear on other suspension components as well over time. however they will not correct incorrect steering or suspension setups. They are most commonly used in SAS or SA rigs because of the notorious issues that plague a solid axle front end. people often try to use SS's to fix excessive bump steer incorrect steering geometry or death wobble. those issues are normally associated with anything from mismatched tire sizes, tread, pressure to bad suspension components or just flat-out misalignments like caster ect... In short an IFS rig can benefit from them but its usually minimal and just helps feel. there are cases where they can help with oversized tires more so.
  6. i bought mine months ago , didnt know you were on the forum. Also loving the red might have to buy them too as a spare set since i keep my trucks for eternity lol
  7. I got tired of fixing those , i ran a delete kit on mine with zero issues since 32k miles now and no issues
  8. New to this forum but frequent other sites
  9. really late on this one but heres my 2 cents ive seen RPO codes differ on certain packaged or tailered trucks over the years. but from my experience it would be small OE stuff that wouldnt be updated for the sticker in the Glove box. however the VIN should reflect these changes esp if a coach builder modified the drive train or major componets. to my knowledge the combination of the parts you listed is not normal even in the Centurion packages. 5.0 ECM 5.7 engine 4l80E trans 10 bolt rear it should be a 5.7 engine ECM 4l60E 10 bolt config or the less common "heavy half ton" 5.7 4l60E 14 bolt Semi float rear. sounds like to me someone did a half ass swap
  10. new here bought it new Dec 15th 2020 LT gasser, put it straight to work towing my trail rig around pulls great
  11. ive been waiting 6 weeks for "pads to come in" at this point ill just drive my truck around the dealership at slow speeds until they get sick of it lol
  12. Any pics of location or part number on this? is it a hard line or one of the rubber lines?
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