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  1. Good question. I was wondering the difference for the 6.2 also. 2019 p/n 84789804 / p/n 2020 84789794.
  2. I changed based on all the talk of the clearance issues with the bottom spacer. The extra 1/2 inch was a bonus!
  3. This is the kit I bought off E bay. From Motofab website: 07-20 Chevy GMC Silverado / Sierra 1500 2.5" Front Leveling Lift Kit SKU: CH-2.5. I emailed Motofab to ask about fitment and was told "may need to trim the studs a very small amount just enough to be below the spacer. The directions are the same for the newer trucks". The spacer for the 2.5 kit is 1.66 thick and I did not have to trim the studs. The biggest issue was aligning the mounting tabs on the bottom of the strut to the control arm as you have to rotate the strut 180°after installing the spacer. This caused the angle of the control arm & the tabs on the strut to be going in opposite directions if that makes sense. I saw where other top mount kits disassembled the strut and rotated the strut 180°. I assume this corrects the issue of missalignment. Just had it aligned today without any issues.
  4. Thanks. I didn't when I installed the RC lower spacer. I did remove the axel nut this time based on looking at Ready Lifts SST install instructions & You tube video. Motofab did not say to do this but it definitely needed the extra movement! I did have to lower the control arm quite a bit to get the strut with the spacer installed. Worse part was getting the tabs on the bottom of the strut rotated enough in the opposite direction to get the bolts installed. Now I see why other kits say to unassembled the strut and rotate the strut 180 degrees. It keeps the angle of the stabs on the strut going in the right direction and makes installing the bolts easier. I would think you won't have that problem with the new struts. Good luck with the install!
  5. Changed out the Rough Country 2 inch bottom mount level kit for the Motofab 2.5 inch top mount level kit. Already had the Rear spacer blocks from my 2014 Sierra installed.
  6. Did you go with RCA garage? Don't think you'll be disappointed with your purchase!!
  7. No regrets. Had the same system on my 2014 Sierra with the 6.2. Barely noticeable while cruising until you get on the gas then you hear it!
  8. Got my Borla 140773 (uses stock tips) for a 2020 Sierra crew cab w/6.2 for 959.41 delivered from these guys. They were having a winter sale going on when I got mine. 20% discount. I communicated with Adam there via e-mail & he was very helpful.
  9. I emailed Rough Country also and never got a reply then I saw the live chat on their website and was able to message someone. I watched the ready lift video on you tube and they talk about how different the new trucks are & about damaging the boots on the axle. Maybe the top mount spacer is the better option for these trucks?
  10. Try this place I had them make the lettering for my boat in multiple colors. https://doityourselflettering.com/info.htm
  11. I installed the 1307 Rough Country bottom spacer on my 2020 Sierra 4x4 and it only raised the truck about 1 1/4 inches. I live chatted with Rough Country today and asked why they went to the top mount spacer for their 19-20 level kit. The reply was to give another option for the newer trucks. I see they still sell the bottom mount kit for the 19-20 Denali. I asked about the 5 degree angle Ready Lift puts on their bottom spacer to correct the strut angle and was asked if I'm having any issues. I said no. I had the kit installed & an alignment done. I was told then I'm good to go. Doubt they admit if the bottom spacer was causing a problem. Has anyone else installed the 1307 kit & how much lift did it give?
  12. I think you hear the tone change between shifts/DFM. You have to be listening for it. Hard to say which is causing the change in the tone. No drone that I can hear. I'm very happy with the system.
  13. I was searching the web for the Borla part number and came across the site. I ordered it on Tuesday and had it the next day. I communicated with Adam there via e-mail & he was very helpful. They do require a signature upon delivery Got the exhaust on today and love it. Had the same system on my 2014 Double cab with the 6.2.
  14. Just got my Borla 140773 (uses stock tips) for a 2020 Sierra crew cab w/6.2 for 959.41 delivered from these guys. They are having a winter sale code wintersale2020. https://rcagarage.com/ Can't wait to get it installed.
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