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  1. Removed from my 2014 Sierra. Filter has a tear in the outer layer & outer ring is loose. Asking 200.00 + shipping. If interested please post on this thread.
  2. Parts removed from my 2014 Sierra. Block Front Door Sill Plates with GMC logo Part No. : 23114162 $75.00 Plus shipping due to size. Front Console Tray Organizer Part No. : 22817343 $35.00 Shipped to US only. Cargo Tie-Down Rings Part No. : 23146899 SOLD To prevent confusion please reply to this post if interested (no PM) so I will know who replied first. Thank you.
  3. Removed the setup from my 2014 Sierra when I traded it last week. Includes one spare bulb. Worked perfectly when removed. 1 HD Relay 9012 1 Capacitor Link 2 Morimoto XB 35 (35 watt) 2 Morimoto XB Igniter 2 9012 XB 5500K 2 Carbon Fiber Bracket Upgrade $125.00 Free shipping to US only.
  4. Thought about mounting 3 or 4 three quarter inch round amber LED lights in that area but never got around to it. Haven't looked but I would guess there is steel behind the plastic that you would have to drill through.
  5. Been buying AC Delco 0w-20 oil & AC filter from the local Chevy dealer.
  6. Just installed the red piping today. I was thinking either red or the gray/silver color but decided to go red to match the back lighting on the dash.
  7. Well I bit the bullet!! Wanted to keep a stock look but still give a different look.
  8. What after market tail lights are you Sierra owners going with if not these Anzo tail lights? Or are you just installing LED bulbs in your stock lights?
  9. Wondering if anyone has installed these Anzo aftermarket tail lights? If so how do you like them? Do you have any pics? Thanks in advance.
  10. http://www.ebay.com/itm/22894860-22894866-2014-2016-GMC-Sierra-OEM-Front-Rear-Molded-Splash-Guards-/272008926854?hash=item3f54fed686:g:9YAAAOSwQItT7Mt5&vxp=mtr http://www.ebay.com/itm/22894857-23387353-2014-2016-Chevrolet-Silverado-OEM-Front-Rear-Splash-Guards-/271833725880?hash=item3f4a8d7bb8:g:4ccAAOSwEK9T~4LT&vxp=mtr
  11. I installed the the kit yesterday and everything went smooth except for one thing. When locking with the key it seems like you need to turn the key just right to get the handle to lock or unlock. My question is should the new arm that comes with the kit have free play? If I turn the key and hold the arm there is movement but there is drag on the arm. I'm thinking that the arm should move freely. Yes, the C clip is pointing toward the hinge as described here. Thanks in advance..
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