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  1. I’ll check tomorrow with my hand held I’ll report back. I soaked rad cap in soapy water for a bit too, it will only go above the 100* mark on the gauge cluster if you put in drive and hold the break at idle for awhile, fans DO kick on but only when at about 106* roughly on the cluster. Which is not normal for this truckit would never rise above 100. Soon as fans kick on or you turn AC on it cools off instantly..
  2. So, I have a 2011 Sierra half ton, it’s overheating at idle in gear. In park it won’t. Soon as you start moving it cools off, the fans do turn on but they don’t seem to turn on fast enough. It’s already starting to overheat by the time the e fans kick on. Soon as you start moving, cools right off instantly. This tells me maybe sticky t stat? Maybe coolant temp sensor? What temp are the fans supposed to kick on? Thoughts...tia
  3. It already does, fixed vanes have no hiss...
  4. Went with the same turbos for now due to funds (or lack of lol) but sometime soon, I'm going to be ditching the twins. Going with a single, s467 single turbo. Fixed vane, external waste gate. Made a few other changes as well. But for now same HP as before, I could crank it up. But I'm gonna let it break in nicely.
  5. Motor is complete, took forever for me to afford it LOL. I ended up having our new baby, had to relocate my family 2000 miles for work, into a new home now. Paid off my motor, it's completed just have to go get it in Edmonton now. Sorry for the long wait!! Feels like forever haha...she will live to rumble again pretty soon here!
  6. I asked about it when I bought the Buick, it's not set up yet in Alberta anyways. I didn't even bother, I just create a hotspot with my iphone for people when I have LTE service whereever we are
  7. http://www.dieselarmy.com/news/chevrolet-unveils-new-turbocharged-duramax-diesel/
  8. Duramax are always short, I run it back thru and tie wrap it to the upper control arm area in the wheel well. Stays clean and easy to get too and it's not comin out the hood. Might be easier because mine is lifted tho...
  9. You can do it but it's SUPER pricy, for that price just do a built 5 speed. What's your reason for wanting a 6 speed?
  10. Not another one of these threads [emoji23][emoji23] If you wanted good mileage you should have never put big tires on, you gotta pay to play!
  11. Haha I'm just playin around man
  12. Google it [emoji48][emoji48][emoji48]
  13. You know what you need to do with that beauty??? Fhritp
  14. [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
  15. Lots of black smoke = super high EGT's. High EGT's = worn parts.
  16. Don't buy it, if it's blowin coal it's probly been bag driven and seen some heat. Steer clear of that one.
  17. Amxguy's bull$hit tolerance is near zero, remind me to never argue lol
  18. Depends on what process, we use suitcase extremes. 71 elite Lincoln 1/16" flux core wire for everything just about
  19. Stick is the best, that's how you learn the craft. That's where you learn to control heat and learn the best technique
  20. Well started tinkering in my grandparents garage at a young age, did a course at 17 by 18 I had structural tickets 3/32" and 1/8" flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead. Then got hired as a welder in a machine shop at 18, started machining a little bit ended up doing machinist apprenticeship now I'm a red seal machinist. Company I work for now is letting me go after my welding ticket as well since I've been welding off and on for years. Ya I work in Alberta but live in Ontario, work 14/14 schedule, 12 hour shifts, union, paid accommodations and food, welding rig, nice camp, cell phone, my own boss in the field. We have excellent rates, 68 hours double time every two weeks, 20 hours 1.5x and 80 hours reg @ $65/h (our entire package, including pension and other things) that's on our regular 14 on 14 off schedule. Any work on days off is double time. It's pretty much standard pay for northern Alberta. Almost everywhere you work would be competitive with that.
  21. That's why I said check valve lash, intakes are too tight you won't gain enough compression to start...
  22. Ya the if a cp4 piles up it doesn't have a check valve in it that returns the fuel back to the tank like a cp3 does. It will send everything right on thru to the injectors unlike a cp3 and completely destroy those expensive piezo injectors. That and you can't get 27,500psi rail pressure out of a cp4...
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